Congratulations to Joey Kick for winning the MAST year end tournament!  This is Kick’s 5th MAST title and his second year end title.  Kick defeated Mike Hoffman in the final match, 259 to 238, to earn $1000.  Hoffman received $800 as runner-up.  Before meeting Hoffman in the title match, Kick defeated Chris Pounders 246 to 202 in the first step ladder match.  He then went on to take out 2nd […]

Congratulations to Danial Carlson on winning his first MAST title!  Carlson defeated Carter Theis with an impressive 296 to 245 in the title match.  This was the only honor score bowled during the tournament.  Carlson received $453 for the win and Theis, $249 for second place (3rd-4th $164, 5th-8th $124, 9th-16th $99). The tournament was contested on the USBC Singles/Doubles Open Shot.  Fifty-two bowlers competed who will all receive 25 […]

Congratulations to Andy Mills on winning his first MAST title.  Mills defeated Greg Thomas in the title match, 223 to 216, to win $493. Thomas received $271 for second place.  Additionally, Mills earned another $220 for betting on himself to win. Fifty-seven bowlers competed on the USBC Open shot and will receive 25 bonus points for the challenge pattern.  The cut to advance out of qualifying was 819 and 16 […]

Congratulations to Dal Geitz on winning his 3rd MAST title!  Geitz defeated Jay Heinzleman in the title match, 266 to 204, to earn $376.  Heinzelman received $200 for second place (3rd-4th $155, 5th-8th $120, 9th-12th $99). The tournament drew 39 bowlers and the top 12 bowlers, scoring 909 or better, advanced to match play.  Heinzelman led qualifying with an impressive 1060 (276, 279, 247, 258), which included an 802 for […]

Congratulations to Derek Eoff and Gail Myers Jr. for winning their second MAST doubles title this year! Eoff and Myers Jr. beat out Eric Fritton and Chad Kloss in the final match, 520 to 500, to earn $1152.  Fritton and Kloss took home $610 for second place (3rd-4th -$392, 5th-8th – $280, 9th-10th-$150). The tournament drew a full field of 40 teams.  Sean Short of Capitol Tires was the top […]

Congratulations to Bill Sell on winning his second MAST title! His fist MAST title was also at Schwoegler’s Entertainment Center in 2008, which was the first MAST tournament he bowled.  Interestingly, Sell used the same ball for both tournaments, a Roto Grip Cell Pearl.  Sell defeated Jeff Johnson in the final match, 246 to 220.  Sell received $385 for the win and Johnson received $228 for second place (3rd-4th -$153 […]

Congratulations to Heath Haug for winning his first MAST title!  Haug defeated Mark Mansur in the title match, 235 to 202, to win $515.  Mansur received $283 for second place.  Haug also bowled the only honor score of the day, a 298, his second game of qualifying. Sixty bowlers competed on the USBC open shot condition, 12 of which were house bowlers.  A  thanks goes out to John Breunig for […]

Congratulations to Mike Hoffman for surviving 4 final rounds and winning his 15th MAST title.  Hoffman defeated Herb Kimpel in the final round, 224 to 196, to earn $469.  He also bet on himself to win, which earned him another $85.  Kimpel earned $257 for second place. Fifty-three bowlers competed on the USBC Blue condition.  Jacob Thomas was high qualifier over four games bowling an impressive 1014.  To make it […]

Congratulations to Chris Pounders on winning his 11th MAST title.  Pounders defeated Rick Erce in the title match, 257 to 201. Pounders won $449 for first place and Erce received $247. The tournament drew 49 bowlers who competed on a house condition.  The cut for the top 16 and match play was 929.  Dan Carlson lead qualifying with an impressive 1038 (games of 258, 277, 246, and 257) to earn […]

After winning five MAST titles last year, Mike Hoffman defeated Bill Sell in the title match, 225 to 205, to win his first title of the 2013-2014 season.  This is Hoffman’s 14th title which earned him $436 plus another $100 for betting on himself to win.  Sell received $240 for second place. Forty-Eight bowlers competed and thanks to sponsorship by Herb Kimpel with New York Life Insurance a 49th spot […]