Congratulations to Jonathan Schalow on winning the MAST year end tournament!  Schalow defeated lead qualifier Jay Heinzelman in the title match, 258 to 227.  Schalow received $1000 for the win while Heinzelman received $800 for second place.  Schalow qualified second and beat out 3rd position Cody Ramsden, 256 to 201.   And previously Cody Ramsden defeated Chris Gibbons, 247 to 214, in the first step ladder match.  The final tournament was […]

Mike Hoffman wins his 5th MAST title this season and his 13th overall!  Hoffman beat out Gail Myers Jr. in the title match, 257 to 247.  Hoffman received $416 and another $165 for betting on himself to win.  Myers Jr. received $221 for second. Myers Jr. also bowled the only honor score for the day, a 299 in his 3rd game of qualifying.     The tournament draw 40 bowlers, 7 […]

Congratulations to Dal Geitz on his first MAST title.  He defeated Ken Duffield in the title match, 226 to 223, to earn $587.  Duffield received $323 for second place. Sixty-six bowlers competed on this year’s USBC Open shot.  A score of 880 or better was needed to advance and compete in match play finals.  Greg Thomas led qualifying with 982, for an additional 25 bonus points and everyone who bowled […]

Congratulations to Jason Becher on winning his first MAST title!  In the final match, Becher defeated Larry Van Natta, 252 to 225, to take home $384.  Van Natta received $204.  This was one of two tournaments this season to use the Survivor format.  Van Natta and Becher qualified second and third, respectively, both receiving a bye for the first Survivor round.  They then went on to survive two more rounds […]

Congratulations to David Labinski and Troy Schaefer for winning the Sport Bowl doubles tournament!  They defeated Eric Pederson and Marc McDowell in the title match, 398 to 3381.  As a team, Labinski and Schaefer took home $1136 plus another $50 for betting on themselves to win.  This is a first MAST title for both. The second place team of McDowell and Pederson earned $604. Thirty-Eight teams competed on Sport Bowl’s […]

Congratulations to Mike Hoffman for winning his third consecutive and fourth MAST title this year!  Hoffman is the first bowler to win 4 MAST titles in one year.   He beat out Chris Pounders, 226 to 171, and received $430 for the win plus an additional $35 for betting on himself to win.  Pounders received $228 for second place.  The competition was held on the USBC Blue shot which led to […]

Congratulations to Mike Hoffman on his third MAST title this year!  In total it is his 11th title which earned him $504 and an addition $50 for betting on himself to win.  Hoffman defeated Alex Winter in the title match, 238 to 209.  Winter won $277 for second place. The Prairie Lanes tournament was contested on last year’s USBC Open shot and drew 58 bowlers.  The lanes were challenging and […]

Congratulations to Kevin Punzel on winning his second MAST title!  Punzel strung games of 257, 278, and 279 together in the first three games of match play for 814 before meeting Greg Thomas in the finals.  He defeated Thomas, 225 to 195, to win $514.  Punzel also bet on himself to win to earn another $65.  Thomas received $283 for second place. Sixty bowlers came out to compete on Dream […]

In an exciting final, Mike Hoffman beat Dal Geitz, 233 to 232, to win his 10th MAST title.  Hoffman earned $576 for 1st place and Geitz won $317.  Hoffman also bet on himself to win to earn another $90.  This is Hoffman’s second win of the session, with a win earlier this month at Viking Lanes. The tournament was contested on the USBC White pattern and drew 64 bowlers.  The […]

Congratulations to the doubles team of Bryan Bannach and Jon Schalow on their first MAST titles!  Bannach and Schalow defeated Ken Duffield and Brian Hoffman in the final match to together win $832, while Duffield and Hoffman took home a total of $440 for second place.  Thirty-two double teams competed on the World 10-Pin Athens shot.  A short pattern with very low volume played brutal on Lake Ripley’s wood lanes.  […]