Chris Gibbons 12-10-2017

Chris Gibbons

  • December 10, 2017
  • Leisure Lanes
  • 64 Bowlers
  • Cut: +94

Chris Gibbons defeated Derek Eoff in the finals of the survivor round to win the MAST event at Leisure Lanes in Monroe Sunday.

Ten frames weren’t enough to determine a winner. After struggling with pin carry early, Eoff rallied with a late string of strikes and a ring 10 on his final shot for 236. Gibbons responded with the first two strikes in his 10th frame, but his last shot drifted high for a 6-10 for 236 to force a 9th & 10th frame roll-off. Eoff’s opening shot in the roll-off drifted high for a 6-7 split which he was unable to convert, and Gibbons then struck the 9th, 10th & 11th to lock up the title, the seventh of his MAST career.

Gibbons qualified 15th at 895, then followed up with the top score of each of the first two survivor rounds at 279 and 248, and fired clutch shots late for a semi-final score of 227 to edge out top qualifier Chris Jackson’s 226 for the second spot in the finals.

Gibbons took home $550 for the win, with Eoff earning $304 for second. The other payouts Sunday were $194 for 3rd-4th, $147 for 5th-8th, and $114 for 9th-16th. Gibbons also won $275 in the Bet To Win pot.

Sixty-four bowlers competed on Leisure’s house pattern. The cut after four games of qualifying was 894, which turned out to be a tie between Sean Gibson and Jeff Prein. Prein won that two-frame roll-off 30-27 to claim the 16th spot in the survivor round, with Gibson receiving $57. Prein would make a deep run in the survivor round before falling in the semi-finals. Tournament leader Jackson led qualifying at 1050 which included two of the day’s three honor scores (300-813). Rick Thomas also shot 300 in his second qualifying game.

Tour co-sponsor Schwoegler’s Pro Shop donated a DV8 Pitbull Growl bowling ball at cost, won by Tim Morris. Host center Leisure Lanes provided a lineage discount and added two $10 gift cards, won by Harley Aumann and Gail Myers. MAST extends a huge Thank You to Schwoegler’s Pro Shop and Leisure Lanes for their generosity.

1.Jackson, Chris3002682452371050
2.Schmidt, Bobby III2472782472361008
3.Maas, Chad258248267222995
4.Mills, Andy218259244247968
5.Erce, Rick256245257204962
6.Bunkoske, Andy238231245230944
7.Duffield, Ken208234245254941
8.Eoff, Derek219197269254939
9.Richgels, Jeff299183245205932
10.Heilman, Nick239268194224925
11.Kuehmichel, Chad232256223203914
12.Janz, Tim202240259205906
13.Lewin, Rick211181278234904
14.Aumann, Harley227225224222898
15.Gibbons, Chris238225228204895
16.Prein, Jeff **246222195231894

 Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Total
Gibbons, Chris279248227236 (59)990
Eoff, Derek257246238236 (39)977
Jackson, Chris248227226701
Prein, Jeff249237208694
Heilman, Nick257205462
Lewin, Rick257198455
Janz, Tim248179427
Mills, Andy247155402
Duffield, Ken246246
Schmidt, Bobby III237237
Richgels, Jeff222222
Bunkoske, Andy213213
Maas, Chad212212
Kuehmichel, Chad205205
Erce, Rick197197
Aumann, Harley185185

Gibbons, Chris$550.00
Eoff, Derek$304.00
Jackson, Chris$194.00
Prein, Jeff$194.00
Heilman, Nick$147.00
Lewin, Rick$147.00
Janz, Tim$147.00
Mills, Andy$147.00
Duffield, Ken$114.00
Schmidt, Bobby III$114.00
Richgels, Jeff$114.00
Bunkoske, Andy$114.00
Maas, Chad$114.00
Kuehmichel, Chad$114.00
Erce, Rick$114.00
Aumann, Harley$114.00
Gibson, Sean$57.00

 Game 4Prize
Derek Eoff254$50.00
Andy Mills247$25.00
Kevin Thompson239$10.00

 Game 1Game 2Game 3Game 4Prize
Andy Mills218259244247$100.00
Chris Jackson300268245237$50.00
Chad Maas258248267222$30.00
Dal Geitz224224210215$20.00

Andy Mills$290.00
Chad Maas$210.00
Derek Eoff$175.00
Chris Jackson$60.00
Chad Kuehmichel$30.00
Henry Posnanski$25.00
Chris Gibbons$10.00
Jeff Richgels$10.00
Jonathan Schalow$10.00
Robert Murray$10.00
Ron Wallenkamp$10.00

Final Standings

Gibbons, Chris2382252282048952792482272369901885235.63264$550.00
Eoff, Derek2191972692549392572462382369771916239.50239$304.00
Jackson, Chris30026824523710502482272267011751250.14239$194.00
Prein, Jeff2462221952318942492372086941588226.86214$194.00
Heilman, Nick2392681942249252572054621387231.17189$147.00
Lewin, Rick2111812782349042571984551359226.50189$147.00
Janz, Tim2022402592059062481794271333222.17189$147.00
Mills, Andy2182592442479682471554021370228.33189$147.00
Duffield, Ken2082342452549412462461187237.40164$114.00
Schmidt, Bobby III24727824723610082372371245249.00164$114.00
Richgels, Jeff2991832452059322222221154230.80164$114.00
Bunkoske, Andy2382312452309442132131157231.40164$114.00
Maas, Chad2582482672229952122121207241.40164$114.00
Kuehmichel, Chad2322562232039142052051119223.80164$114.00
Erce, Rick2562452572049621971971159231.80164$114.00
Aumann, Harley2272252242228981851851083216.60164$114.00
Gibson, Sean2172222192368940894223.50154$57.00
Thompson, Kevin1882582072398920892223.00144
Liphart, Eric2262361912398920892223.00144
Posnanski, Henry2212512012168890889222.25124
Ermey, Trace2421562102788860886221.50114
Morris, Tim2432212371848850885221.25113
Pezoldt, Nick2032452342038850885221.25113
Schalow, Jon2322142212178840884221.00111
Heinzelman, Jay2372351712378800880220.00110
Schrubbe, Ray1942352152328760876219.00109
Geitz, Dal2242242102158730873218.25108
Punzel, Kevin2231862651988720872218.00107
Hoffman, Mike2132341982258700870217.50106
Truehl, Rollie1922261952578700870217.50106
Verdecchia, Danny2761882061998690869217.25104
Thomas, Rick1973001791918670867216.75103
Bechtolt, Shawn2452541771908660866216.50102
Taliaferro, Shaun2791701922248650865216.25101
Young, David1582142762168640864216.00100
Simmons, Jeremy2572022261768610861215.2599
Boeck, Devon2501951882138460846211.5098
Wallenkamp, Ron1802262252068370837209.2597
Warren, Rob1971752362258330833208.2596
Kjell, Todd2092352041788260826206.5095
Janz, Joe2571391662528140814203.5094
Newkirk, Mark2351862111818130813203.2593
Wilde, Collyn1552322152118130813203.2593
Ramsden, Cody1832032122138110811202.7591
Kimpel, Herb2221672162058100810202.5090
Wilde, Dylon1581952102468090809202.2589
Murray, Robert2161862141878030803200.7588
Benner, Don1841742362047980798199.5087
Curtis, Tom2261702071947970797199.2586
Schmidt, Corey2671701691897950795198.7585
Weiss, Justin2022112131677930793198.2584
Pounders, Chris1802032091997910791197.7584
Chapman, Daniel1962661821457890789197.2584
Ambrose, Robert1742151952017850785196.2584
Dunn, Tayler1931882011977790779194.7584
Greenfield, Bob2042081921697730773193.2584
Wolfe, Jermey2122201821557690769192.2584
Moffitt, Stan2102012011567680768192.0084
Murray, Chris1812151881837670767191.7584
Johnson, Joe1262332042007630763190.7584
Bill, Brady2261931681687550755188.7584
Erckfritz, Dennis2001681881997550755188.7584
Myers, Gail1791351862127120712178.0084
Pursell, Matt1491511762026780678169.5084