Herb Kimpel 11-19-2017

Herb Kimpel

  • November 19, 2017
  • Tower Lanes
  • 51 Bowlers
  • Cut: +15

Herb Kimpel defeated Chris Gibbons 279-222 as MAST made its return to Beaver Dam Sunday. Kimpel qualified fifth at 859, then averaged over 235 in his four match play games en route to the win, his 17th career MAST title.

Kimpel earned $561 for the win, with Gibbons taking home $310 for second. The other match play payouts Sunday were $198 for 3rd-4th, $150 for 5th-8th, and $116 for 9th-16th.

Fifty-one bowlers competed on Kegel’s 40-foot Bourbon Street oil pattern. The cut after four games of qualifying was 815. Andy Mills led qualifying at 923, before eventually falling to Kimpel in the semifinals; Mills will receive 25 bonus points in the M & J Truck and Auto Repair Points Race.

Tour co-sponsor M & J Truck and Auto Repair added $300 to the tournament prize fund for this event. TJ’s Pro Shop donated a 900 Global Honey Badger bowling ball, won by Joe Munro. Host center Tower Lanes provided a lineage discount and added four gift cards, won by Jim Janz, Tony Janz (x2), and Todd Kjell. Combined these added $707 to the tournament prize fund. MAST extends a huge Thank You to M & J Truck and Auto, TJ’s Pro Shop, and Tower Lanes for their generosity.

1.Mills, Andy248173267235923
2.Gibbons, Chris238226170268902
3.Geitz, Dal257199198228882
4.Bunkoske, Andy222191255202870
5.Kimpel, Herb268199200192859
6.Kjell, Todd192173264217846
7.Michalowski, Nathan225168198249840
8.Pounders, Chris206243181206836
9.Eoff, Derek193226211202832
10.Janz, Joe212187190241830
11.Oliva, Tony189207234200830
12.Pursell, Matt194211210207822
13.Kroll, Keith176206255183820
14.Hill, Chris234188200196818
15.Verdecchia, Danny187207213209816
16.Dunn, Tayler229191207188815

1.A. Mills227
16.TJ Dunn206
9.D. Eoff216
8.C. Pounders219
5.H. Kimpel254
12.M. Pursell200
13.K. Kroll212
4.A. Bunkoske202
3.D. Geitz222
14.C. Hill202
11.T. Oliva225
6.T. Kjell248
7.N. Michalowski199
10.J. Janz196
15.D. Verdecchia213
2.C. Gibbons258

Kimpel, Herb$561.00
Gibbons, Chris$310.00
Geitz, Dal$198.00
Mills, Andy$198.00
Pounders, Chris$150.00
Michalowski, Nathan$150.00
Kroll, Keith$150.00
Kjell, Todd$150.00
Oliva, Tony$116.00
Eoff, Derek$116.00
Verdecchia, Danny$116.00
Dunn, Tayler$116.00
Bunkoske, Andy$116.00
Hill, Chris$116.00
Pursell, Matt$116.00
Janz, Joe$116.00

 Game 4Prize
Nathan Michalowski249$35.00
Andy Mills235$10.00

 Game 1Game 2Game 3Game 4Prize
Andy Mills248173267235$80.00
Todd Kjell192173264217$30.00
Justin Petrey191178195204$10.00

Derek Eoff$225.00
Andy Mills$100.00
Justin Petrey$75.00
Chris Pierson$55.00
Keith Kroll$50.00
John Fischer$30.00
Chris Gibbons$25.00
Chris Jackson$25.00
Todd Kjell$25.00
Mark Malison$10.00
Robert Skog$10.00

Final Standings

Kimpel, Herb2681992001928592541972112799411800225.00276$561.00
Gibbons, Chris2382261702689022582242232229271829228.63251$310.00
Geitz, Dal2571991982288822222582156951577225.29226$198.00
Mills, Andy2481732672359232272581636481571224.43251$198.00
Pounders, Chris2062431812068362192274461282213.67201$150.00
Michalowski, Nathan2251681982498401992044031243207.17201$150.00
Kroll, Keith1762062551838202121954071227204.50201$150.00
Kjell, Todd1921732642178462481924401286214.33201$150.00
Oliva, Tony1892072342008302252251055211.00176$116.00
Eoff, Derek1932262112028322162161048209.60176$116.00
Verdecchia, Danny1872072132098162132131029205.80176$116.00
Dunn, Tayler2291912071888152062061021204.20176$116.00
Bunkoske, Andy2221912552028702022021072214.40176$116.00
Hill, Chris2341882001968182022021020204.00176$116.00
Pursell, Matt1942112102078222002001022204.40176$116.00
Janz, Joe2121871902418301961961026205.20176$116.00
Myers, Gail187224177215803803200.75166
Carlson, Dan184265187162798798199.50156
Janz, Tim193198202204797797199.25146
Punzel, Kevin157193212234796796199.00136
Wolfe, Jermey156212193234795795198.75126
Fischer, John167223233170793793198.25125
Felsinger, Troy198198173224793793198.25125
Hockmuth, Greg190211191196788788197.00123
Hull, Craig204166192223785785196.25122
Murray, Robert211189194189783783195.75121
Jackson, Chris168253185175781781195.25120
Hupf, Randy160238225155778778194.50119
Prein, Jeff222169192195778778194.50119
Schrubbe, Ray200215174189778778194.50119
Rayome, Dan210181194192777777194.25116
Newkirk, Mark226171163213773773193.25115
Sell, Bill218201178173770770192.50114
Petrey, Justin191178195204768768192.00113
Janz, Jim224131203200758758189.50112
Thompson, Kevin201170165221757757189.25111
Pierson, Chris205179180191755755188.75110
Hibbard, Billy197211209135752752188.00109
Mysliwiec, Matt211162189179741741185.25108
Boeck, Devon207220152148727727181.75107
Skog, Robert161192177197727727181.75107
Johnson, Joe244150153162709709177.25105
Truehl, Rollie117173192224706706176.50104
Malison, Mark173189179164705705176.25103
Taliaferro, Shaun168180164185697697174.25102
Witterholt, Ethan191187143175696696174.00101
Bloemer, Bruce161175159197692692173.00100
Fakes, Kirk167148178168661661165.2599
Pezoldt, Nick168161169163661661165.2599
Posnanski, Henry159166176140641641160.2597
Schmidt, Corey171140153156620620155.0096