• April 1-2, 2017
  • Spartan Bowl
  • 35 Bowlers
  • Cut: +218

Mike Hoffman defeated Jacob Thomas 228-224 to win the MAST Schwoegler’s Pro Shop Year-End Championship Sunday. Hoffman was the runaway leader in Saturday’s qualifying round, and fended off charges from fellow lefties Thomas and Dal Geitz during Sunday’s round-robin match play to claim the top seed in the stepladder finals. The title was Hoffman’s second year-end title and 18th overall.

Thomas’ match play round included a pair of 300 games and a 290-279 victory over Hoffman in their first round-robin match. Geitz was the big mover on Sunday, going 7-4-1 in round robin play and gaining 829 pins to climb from ninth to second, before falling to Thomas 237-236 in the stepladder semifinal match.

Hoffman earned $1,200 for the victory, with Thomas taking home $850 for second. Geitz ($730) and Andy Bunkoske ($640) round out the stepladder finalists. The remaining payouts Sunday were Paul Bloemer ($560), Jay Heinzelman ($490), Jon Schalow ($430), Brian Hoffman ($380), Chris Pounders ($340), Danny Verdecchia ($310), Chris Pollentier ($290), and Chris Gibbons ($280).


Mike Hoffman was the runaway leader on Day One of the MAST Schwoegler’s Pro Shop Year-End Championship Saturday. Hoffman totaled an astounding 2119 through eight games of qualifying, averaging just short of 265 and outpacing the field by nearly 200 pins.

35 bowlers competed on host Spartan Bowl’s house pattern. The qualifying cut to Sunday’s match play was 1818, an 11th-place tie between Chris Gibbons and Chris Pounders with the high-game tiebreakers going to Gibbons (269-268 vs. 269-258). Gibbons’ 269 game came in the final qualifying game and vaulted him from 21st to 11th.

The other qualifiers advancing to Sunday’s round-robin match play are Chris Pollentier (1930), Jacob Thomas (1910), Brian Hoffman (1899), Paul Bloemer (1884), Andy Bunkoske (1884), Jay Heinzelman (1873), Danny Verdecchia (1869), Dal Geitz (1848), and Jonathan Schalow (1828). MAST also paid out 13th and 14th cash spots, going to Kevin Thompson (1813 – $110) and Herb Kimpel (1791 – $105).

Despite the high scoring pace, there were no honor counts Saturday. Thomas had the only near miss with a 299 in his third game.

The top twelve qualifiers from Saturday advance to Sunday’s round-robin match play, with the top four bowlers after those twelve games advancing on to the stepladder finals.

1.Hoffman, Mike2682572482792792792412682119264.88
2.Pollentier, Chris2792562462002322432582161930241.25
3.Thomas, Jacob2172592992462491932222251910238.75
4.Hoffman, Brian2412282052592602552352161899237.38
5.Bloemer, Paul1962462692312162372452441884235.50
6.Bunkoske, Andy2462662582371932582232031884235.50
7.Heinzelman, Jay2772552471862482092162351873234.13
8.Verdecchia, Danny2632262462871721972202581869233.63
9.Geitz, Dal2342472362162172572392021848231.00
10.Schalow, Jon2592482032322152381862471828228.50
11.Gibbons, Chris1962332682252072142062691818227.25
12.Pounders, Chris2582102692291941942452191818227.25
13.Thompson, Kevin2781802632112222541902151813226.63
14.Kimpel, Herb2272382252102152362062341791223.88
15.Ramsden, Cody2482472352221922052441921785223.13
16.Janz, Tim2002022452262182232472151776222.00
17.Ritchie, Brent2241742782462092182242021775221.88
18.Jackson, Chris2762571801932142261972231766220.75
19.Thaden, Tony2122472581951912362122131764220.50
20.Steiner, Jim2192272182461762232192331761220.13
21.Dudley, Don2052042552252232152312021760220.00
22.Kjell, Todd2342362372451822561891701749218.63
23.Newkirk, Mark2042672362002152342161601732216.50
24.Johnson, Jeff2242652052211842042122071722215.25
25.Myers, Gail2041991952682172142301941721215.13
26.Buss, Shane2361642122182442042022311711213.88
27.Kuehmichel, Chad2262472472432061542181601701212.63
28.Schwandt, Glenn2122391782262251642102241678209.75
29.Prein, Jeff2231972232022162141772251677209.63
30.Kick, Joey2441842081881972262152021664208.00
31.Taliaferro, Shaun2052901882041571532311811609201.13
32.Seppa, Dan2041942102032231671722071580197.50
33.Holmes, Theresa1791961822201881672021961530191.25
34.Johnson, Joe1372002161992111581891631473184.13
35.Richgels, Jeff207202215197WD821205.25

Hoffman, Mike21192878210308852072285225248.81
Thomas, Jacob19102945210315550656945549241.26
Geitz, Dal18483004225322950772365088242.29
Bunkoske, Andy18842935180311549992115030239.52
Bloemer, Paul18842890210310049844774238.70
Heinzelman, Jay18732828210303849114701235.05
Schalow, Jon18282875180305548834703235.15
Hoffman, Brian18992809165297448734708235.40
Pounders, Chris18182841180302148394659232.95
Verdecchia, Danny18692759180293948084628231.40
Pollentier, Chris19302742105284747774672233.60
Gibbons, Chris18182724105282946474542227.10

1.Mike Hoffman228
2.Dal Geitz 236
3.Jacob Thomas233 3.Jacob Thomas224
3.Jacob Thomas 237
4.Andy Bunkoske211

Hoffman, Mike$1,200.00
Thomas, Jacob$850.00
Geitz, Dal$730.00
Bunkoske, Andy$640.00
Bloemer, Paul$560.00
Heinzelman, Jay$490.00
Schalow, Jon$430.00
Hoffman, Brian$380.00
Pounders, Chris$340.00
Verdecchia, Danny$310.00
Pollentier, Chris$290.00
Gibbons, Chris$280.00
Thompson, Kevin$110.00
Kimpel, Herb$105.00

Danny Verdecchia287$45.00
Mike Hoffman279$20.00
Brian Hoffman259$5.00

Mike Hoffman268$35.00
Danny Verdecchia258$10.00

Danny Verdecchia263226246287$90.00
Mike Hoffman268257248279$50.00
Chad Kuehmichel226247247243$20.00
Cody Ramsden249247235222$10.00

Chris Gibbons207214206269$80.00
Mike Hoffman279279241268$30.00
Herb Kimpel215236206234$10.00

GAMES 2-4Prize
Jeff Johnson$110.00
Cody Ramsden$75.00
Danny Verdecchia$50.00
Jeff Richgels$45.00
Herb Kimpel$40.00
Chad Kuehmichel$35.00
Chris Gibbons$35.00
Brian Hoffman$25.00
Tony Thaden$20.00
Jay Heinzelman$10.00
Joey Kick$10.00
GAMES 6-8Prize
Herb Kimpel$60.00
Chris Gibbons$50.00
Danny Verdecchia$50.00
Tony Thaden$35.00
Brent Ritchie$30.00
Cody Ramsden$20.00