Dave Beres 3-11-17

Dave Beres

  • March 11, 2017
  • Ten Pin Alley
  • 60 Bowlers
  • Cut: +52

Dave Beres defeated Tony Oliva 236-213 to win the inaugural MAST Riggs Classic at Ten Pin Alley in Fitchburg Saturday. Beres qualified ninth at 887, then totaled 923 over four matches en route to the win. This was Beres’ second MAST title at Ten Pin Alley and third title overall.

Beres earned $650 for the win, with Oliva taking home $359 for second. The other match-play payouts were $230 for 3rd-4th, $174 for 5th-8th, and $134 for 9th-16th. Beres also earned $155 in the Bet To Win pot.

60 bowlers competed on a pair of Kegel oil patterns, with the 47-foot Statue of Liberty pattern applied on the left lanes of the tournament pairs, and the 35-foot Boardwalk pattern on the right lanes. The cut after four games of qualifying was 852. Trevor Yonan led qualifying at 963 but fell in the opening round of match play; Yonan receives 25 bonus points in the M & J Truck and Auto Points Race for his qualifying effort. The only honor counts on the day came from Derek Eoff with a 300 game and 815 series in match play, but Eoff lost a tightly-contested semifinal match 278-268 to Oliva.

Jeff Richgels and 11thFrame.com sponsored this event, adding $300 to the prize fund. Phoenix Pro Shop donated a Storm Timeless bowling ball won by Jeff Prein. Host center Ten Pin Alley provided a lineage discount and donated four $10 gift cards won by Nathan Michalowski, Glenn Schwandt, Dan Seppa and Kevin Thompson. Combined proceeds resulted in $779 added to the tournament’s prize fund. MAST extends a huge Thank You to 11thFrame.com, Phoenix Pro Shop, and Ten Pin Alley for their generosity.

Chris Gibbons made his eighth cut in 12 events, locking up the top spots in average, earnings and points for the 2016-17 season. Congratulations to Gibbons on his outstanding MAST tournament season. Gibbons and the other top-ten finishers in the M & J Truck and Auto Points Race will be recognized for their achievements during our Year-End event at Spartan Bowl in McFarland on April 1st & 2nd.

1.Yonan, Trevor278180237268963
2.Michalowski, Nathan269228236206939
3.Oliva, Tony233222255212922
4.Buss, Jesse224188239259910
5.Greenfield, Bob277206192225900
6.Brinkman, Steven226265214193898
7.Eoff, Derek209194266225894
8.Hoffman, Mike225219237209890
9.Beres, David212255205215887
10.Benner, Don245222189226882
11.Thompson, Kevin226163235248872
12.Gibbons, Chris233223200215871
13.Lesko, Keith212181239237869
14.Heinzelman, Jay223222191225861
15.Bunkoske, Andy205202234213854
16.Thaden, Tony211209226206852

1.T. Yonan162
16.T. Thaden213
9.D. Beres217
8.M. Hoffman190
5.B. Greenfield225
12.C. Gibbons204
13.K. Lesko246
4.J. Buss193
3.T. Oliva223
14.J. Heinzelman164
11.K. Thompson216
6.S. Brinkman236
7.D. Eoff300
10.D. Benner198
15.A. Bunkoske153
2.N. Michalowski215

Beres, David$650.00
Oliva, Tony$359.00
Eoff, Derek$230.00
Greenfield, Bob$230.00
Michalowski, Nathan$174.00
Lesko, Keith$174.00
Brinkman, Steven$174.00
Thaden, Tony$174.00
Thompson, Kevin$134.00
Gibbons, Chris$134.00
Benner, Don$134.00
Buss, Jesse$134.00
Hoffman, Mike$134.00
Heinzelman, Jay$134.00
Yonan, Trevor$134.00
Bunkoske, Andy$134.00

 Game 4Prize
Jesse Buss259$50.00
Kevin Thompson248$25.00
Keith Lesko237$10.00
Chris Pierson233$5.00

 Game 1Game 2Game 3Game 4Prize
Jesse Buss224188239259$100.00
Derek Eoff209194266225$50.00
David Beres212255205215$20.00
Chris Gibbons233223200215$20.00

Eric Fritton$175.00
Derek Eoff$160.00
Jesse Buss$125.00
David Beres$110.00
Chris Pierson$100.00
Danny Verdecchia$95.00
Keith Lesko$75.00
David Labinski$40.00
Bob Greenfield$10.00
Chris Gibbons$10.00
Cody Ramsden$10.00

Final Standings

Beres, David2122552052158872171932772369231810226.25285$650.00
Oliva, Tony2332222552129222232142782139281850231.25260$359.00
Eoff, Derek2091942662258943002472688151709244.14235$230.00
Greenfield, Bob2772061922259002252091906241524217.71235$230.00
Michalowski, Nathan2692282362069392152224371376229.33210$174.00
Lesko, Keith2121812392378692461884341303217.17210$174.00
Brinkman, Steven2262652141938982361834191317219.50210$174.00
Thaden, Tony2112092262068522131603731225204.17210$174.00
Thompson, Kevin2261632352488722162161088217.60185$134.00
Gibbons, Chris2332232002158712042041075215.00185$134.00
Benner, Don2452221892268821981981080216.00185$134.00
Buss, Jesse2241882392599101931931103220.60185$134.00
Hoffman, Mike2252192372098901901901080216.00185$134.00
Heinzelman, Jay2232221912258611641641025205.00185$134.00
Yonan, Trevor2781802372689631621621125225.00210$134.00
Bunkoske, Andy2052022342138541531531007201.40185$134.00
Pierson, Chris226180210233849849212.25175
Labinski, David248249202149848848212.00165
Charaus, Mike217195188247847847211.75155
James, Michael214180224227845845211.25145
Greenspan, Steve210203198234845845211.25145
Verdecchia, Danny183198236226843843210.75134
Taliaferro, Shaun169212232226839839209.75133
Janz, Tim221164222225832832208.00132
Kelly, Samantha177198205252832832208.00132
Traber, Brian177229222200828828207.00130
Schroeder, Jim230194184219827827206.75129
Fritton, Eric160222213232827827206.75129
Schwandt, Glenn213185199228825825206.25127
Trester, Dale192203243186824824206.00126
Ritchie, Brent225202180214821821205.25125
Pounders, Chris183205209222819819204.75124
Krueger, Matt202206200205813813203.25123
Ramsden, Cody219201177215812812203.00122
Prein, Jeff192183230198803803200.75121
Hill, Chris162206221188777777194.25120
Thomas, Jacob245164190173772772193.00119
Richgels, Jeff265188178138769769192.25118
Kuehmichel, Chad239150182196767767191.75117
Schalow, Jon179221168190758758189.50116
Jackson, Chris173167210206756756189.00115
Zirbel, Jordan205170166212753753188.25114
Kwiecien, Amber181155243168747747186.75113
Steiner, Jim209178162197746746186.50112
Kubesheski, Joe215192184152743743185.75111
Newkirk, Mark182178183184727727181.75110
Pollentier, Chris172192183178725725181.25109
Seppa, Dan173160214175722722180.50108
Truehl, Rollie194194130203721721180.25107
Turner, Andrew186178169171704704176.00106
Kimpel, Herb170170153207700700175.00105
Call, Brian199167150179695695173.75105
Holmes, Theresa157157148223685685171.25105
Fakes, Kirk156170162193681681170.25105
Geitz, Dal174125187185671671167.75105
Johnson, Joe170167182147666666166.50105
Buss, Shane142192180152666666166.50105
Kick, Joe168162141172643643160.75105
Zirbel, Cody162145176139622622155.50105
Green, Zack122186162149619619154.75105