Jacob Thomas 2-11-17

Jacob Thomas

  • February 11, 2017
  • Viking Lanes
  • 37 Bowlers
  • Cut: +119

Jacob Thomas defeated Joe Johnson 212-171 to win the MAST event at Viking Lanes in Stoughton Saturday. Thomas qualified 5th at 954, and followed that up with 1036 over four matches en route to the victory. The title is Thomas’ second in a row, following last month’s win at the doubles event at Schwoegler’s.

37 bowlers competed on Viking’s house shot. Jeff Prein finished qualifying with a 275 game to claim the 12th & final qualifying spot by one pin at 919, but fell to Thomas 266-247 in match play. Thomas accounted for the day’s only honor count with 824 over his first three matches, including a 279-278 victory over tournament leader David Labinski in the semifinals. There were several other near misses, with Paul Bloemer’s 299 game to open qualifying, and Labinski’s 793 in his first three games of qualifying. Labinski’s 1051 qualifying set earns him an additional 25 points in the M & J Truck and Auto Points Race.

Tour co-sponsor M & J Truck and Auto Repair added $300 to the prize fund for this event. Tour co-sponsor Schwoegler’s Pro Shop donated a Brunswick Fanatic SS bowling ball at cost, won by Nate Sime. Host center Viking Lanes provided a lineage discount, as well as a free entry in their 8-Pin Tap Team Tournament (won by Shaun Taliaferro) and four $10 gift cards (won by Pete Rusch, Brent Ritchie, and two by Taliaferro). Combined proceeds from these added $491 to the tournament’s prize fund. MAST extends a huge Thank You to M & J Truck and Auto, Schwoegler’s Pro Shop, and Viking Lanes for their generosity.

1.Labinski, David2792562582581051
2.Kjell, Todd257246268226997
3.Johnson, Joe258202257242959
4.Bloemer, Paul299208216234957
5.Thomas, Jacob214216259265954
6.Hoffman, Mike257257201235950
7.Janz, Tim208258230248944
8.Reigel, Chris240225229248942
9.Ramsden, Cody267186229246928
10.Schmidt, Bobby III234236244212926
11.Gibbons, Chris235275201210921
12.Prein, Jeff214184246275919

1.David Labinski
9.Cody Ramsden215
8.Chris Riegel194
5.Jacob Thomas266
12.Jeff Prein247
4.Paul Bloemer
3.Joe Johnson
11.Chris Gibbons235
6.Mike Hoffman218
7.Tim Janz200
10.Bobby Schmidt215
2.Todd Kjell

Thomas, Jacob$441.00
Johnson, Joe$263.00
Labinski, David$189.00
Kjell, Todd$189.00
Schmidt, Bobby III$145.00
Gibbons, Chris$145.00
Bloemer, Paul$145.00
Ramsden, Cody$145.00
Prein, Jeff$107.00
Hoffman, Mike$107.00
Janz, Tim$107.00
Reigel, Chris$107.00

 Game 4Prize
Jeff Prein275$40.00
David Labinski258$15.00

 Game 1Game 2Game 3Game 4Prize
David Labinski279256258258$80.00
Brent Ritchie191228237249$40.00
Todd Kjell257246268226$20.00

David Labinski$285.00
Todd Kjell$85.00
Bobby Schmidt$80.00
Jeff Prein$25.00
Brian Call$10.00
Chris Pounders$10.00
Joe Johnson$10.00
Jon Schalow$10.00
Ray Percoski$10.00

Final Standings

Thomas, Jacob21421625926595426627927921210361990248.75237$441.00
Johnson, Joe2582022572429592252391716351594227.71212$263.00
Labinski, David27925625825810512462785241575262.50212$189.00
Kjell, Todd2572462682269972672044711468244.67187$189.00
Schmidt, Bobby III2342362442129262152404551381230.17162$145.00
Gibbons, Chris2352752012109212352214561377229.50162$145.00
Bloemer, Paul2992082162349572162161173234.60162$145.00
Ramsden, Cody2671862292469282151783931321220.17162$145.00
Prein, Jeff2141842462759192472471166233.20127$107.00
Hoffman, Mike2572572012359502182181168233.60127$107.00
Janz, Tim2082582302489442002001144228.80127$107.00
Reigel, Chris2402252292489421941941136227.20127$107.00
Mysliwiec, Matt216219258225918918229.50117
Ritchie, Brent191228237249905905226.25107
Gannon, Matt279186204234903903225.7597
Schalow, Jon235211236215897897224.2587
Taliaferro, Shaun226180244246896896224.0086
Rusch, Pete257221195222895895223.7585
Thaden, Tony226243159257885885221.2584
Newkirk, Mark219212215236882882220.5083
Thompson, Kevin216230210214870870217.5082
Percoski, Ray212224235197868868217.0081
Seppa, Dan216208227215866866216.5080
Fakes, Kirk192247214203856856214.0079
Steiner, Jim202213235202852852213.0078
Green, Zack173224242211850850212.5077
Kubesheski, Joe224236200181841841210.2576
Geitz, Dal180231203213827827206.7575
Jackson, Chris223212215165815815203.7574
Stabenaw, Mike161215247191814814203.5073
Zirbel, Cody211169246186812812203.0072
Kuehmichel, Chad157179236236808808202.0071
Pounders, Chris171201205205782782195.5070
Dubis, Chris209213161179762762190.5069
Call, Brian168184235165752752188.0068
Dudley, Don169172207176724724181.0067
Holmes, Theresa140167178181666666166.5066