Daniel Chapman 12-4-16

Daniel Chapman

  • December 4, 2016
  • Leisure Lanes
  • 40 Bowlers
  • Cut: +120

Daniel Chapman outlasted Chris Gibbons 238-232 to win the Survivor finals of the MAST event at Leisure Lanes in Monroe Sunday. The victory was Chapman’s first career MAST title.

Chapman earned $453 for the win, with Gibbons taking home $259 for second. The other payouts Sunday were $186 for 3rd-4th, $143 for 5th-8th, and $106 for 9th-12th.

Chapman was one of 12 Leisure house bowlers among the 40 participants who braved Sunday’s winter weather to compete on Leisure’s house shot. He qualified 3rd at 984 (246 average), and maintained that pace with a 247 average in three games of Survivor round play en route to the win. Fellow Leisure house bowler Dylon Wilde accounted for the day’s only honor score with a 300 in the final game of qualifying.

The cut after four games of qualifying was 920. Mike Hoffman followed up a 203 start with games of 279, 277, and 279 to lead qualifying at 1038, and will receive 25 bonus points in the M & J Truck and Auto Points Race for his effort.

Tour co-sponsor M & J Truck and Auto Repair added $250 to the tournament prize fund. Host center Leisure Lanes provided a lineage discount, and provided several items for raffle. Combined proceeds from these totaled an additional $423 in the prize fund. MAST extends a huge Thank You to our sponsors for their generosity.

1.Hoffman, Mike2032792772791038
2.Wilde, Dylon268201218300987
3.Chapman, Daniel243227279235984
4.Erce, Rick279236236227978
5.Boeck, Devon245270235223973
6.Goepfert, Dan269289221188967
7.Lemiesz, Dan251198280236965
8.Ritchie, Brent210278246211945
9.Kimpel, Herb258204254224940
10.Boeck, Chad257191268219935
11.Kick, Joe190225247266928
12.Gibbons, Chris225247253195920

 Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4
Chapman, Daniel248255238
Gibbons, Chris246214222232
Hoffman, Mike214206
Wilde, Dylon264202
Erce, Rick199
Goepfert, Dan255194
Lemiesz, Dan235182
Ritchie, Brent244180
Boeck, Chad234
Kick, Joe234
Kimpel, Herb221
Boeck, Devon213

** Funds to SMART Account
Chapman, Daniel$453.00
Gibbons, Chris$259.00
Hoffman, Mike$186.00
Wilde, Dylan$186.00
Erce, Rick$143.00
Goepfert, Dan$143.00
Lemiesz, Dan$143.00
Ritchie, Brent$143.00
Boeck, Chad$106.00
Kick, Joe$106.00
Kimpel, Herb$106.00
Boeck, Devon **$106.00

 Game 4Prize
Mike Hoffman279$27.50
Dal Geitz279$27.50

 Game 1Game 2Game 3Game 4Prize
Mike Hoffman203279277279$55.00
Dal Geitz198215226279$55.00
Herb Kimpel258204254224$10.00

Chris Gibbons$80.00
Dal Geitz$75.00
Joe Kick$60.00
Brent Ritchie$35.00
Brian Hoffman$25.00
Herb Kimpel$25.00
Chris Pounders$20.00
Chad Kuehmichel$10.00
Joe Johnson$10.00
Kevin Thompson$10.00

Final Standings

Chapman, Daniel2432272792359842482552387411725246.43241$435.00
Gibbons, Chris2252472531959202462142222329141834229.25216$259.00
Hoffman, Mike20327927727910382142064201458243.00216$186.00
Wilde, Dylon2682012183009872642024661453242.17191$186.00
Erce, Rick2792362362279781991991177235.40166$143.00
Goepfert, Dan2692892211889672551944491416236.00166$143.00
Lemiesz, Dan2511982802369652351824171382230.33166$143.00
Ritchie, Brent2102782462119452441804241369228.17166$143.00
Boeck, Chad2571912682199352342341169233.80141$106.00
Kick, Joe1902252472669282342341162232.40141$106.00
Kimpel, Herb2582042542249402212211161232.20141$106.00
Boeck, Devon2452702352239732132131186237.20141$106.00
Geitz, Dal198215226279918918229.50131
Buss, Ryan225223221238907907226.75121
Liphart, Eric200248195258901901225.25111
Thompson, Kevin229156244267896896224.00101
Dole, Mike226214213237890890222.5091
Pounders, Chris193221279191884884221.0090
Kline, Kevin231215183254883883220.7589
Truehl, Rollie245190232214881881220.2588
Krueger, Brad204209225241879879219.7587
Svendsen, Chad166289192231878878219.5086
Seppa, Dan200193245237875875218.7585
Butler, Keon242227210187866866216.5084
Ermey, Trace214195227229865865216.2583
Gibson, Sean213236203212864864216.0082
Moffitt, Stan186233224214857857214.2581
Fakes, Kirk213236216190855855213.7580
Johnson, Joe215258190189852852213.0079
Hoffman, Brian187193265204849849212.2578
Newkirk, Mark268206165209848848212.0077
Kuehmichel, Chad234221190203848848212.0077
Weiss, Justin212222210184828828207.0075
Buss, Shane225236188176825825206.2574
Prein, Jeff207248182187824824206.0073
Bechtolt, Shawn190277164191822822205.5072
Johnson, John Jr.206195222194817817204.2571
Kjell, Todd203249182182816816204.0070
Myers, Mike193191186227797797199.2569
Taliaferro, Shaun174150179199702702175.5068