Jon Schalow 10-22-2016

Jon Schalow

  • October 22, 2016
  • Prairie Lanes
  • 48 Bowlers
  • Cut: +73

Jonathan Schalow defeated Chris Pierson 256-226 to win the MAST event at Prairie Lanes Saturday. Schalow finished his 905 qualifying set with games of 237 and 255 to climb from 23rd to 9th, then advanced through match play with wins over Shaun Taliaferro 214-180, Ken Duffield 240-213, and Dave Beres 206-204. The victory was Schalow’s fourth career MAST title.

Schalow received $452 for the win, with Pierson taking home $250 for second. The other match-play payouts were $160 for 3rd-4th, $121 for 5th-8th, and $93 for 9th-16th.

48 bowlers competed on the 47-foot WTBA Paris oil pattern. It took a four-game qualifying total of 873 to advance to match play. Duffield led qualifying with 1006 and will receive 25 bonus points in the M&J Truck & Auto Repair Points Race. This event also saw the tour’s first honor count of the season, with Riley Smith shooting 300 in the opening round of match play.

Tour co-sponsor Schwoegler’s Pro Shop provided a Storm Phaze II bowling ball at cost, won by Dan Seppa. Host center Prairie Lanes provided a lineage discount, and added two $10 gift cards won by Tim Janz and Todd Kjell. Combined with funds from tour co-sponsor M&J Truck & Auto Repair, an extra $241 was added to the tournament prize fund. MAST extends a huge Thank You to Schwoegler’s Pro Shop, M&J Truck and Auto Repair, and Prairie Lanes for their generosity.

Our next event is the split-squad doubles event at Lake Ripley Lanes in Cambridge on Saturday, November 5th. Please check the MAST Facebook page or contact a MAST tournament official to reserve a spot.

1.Duffield, Ken2662132542731006
2.Schrubbe, Ray266191256268981
3.Bunkoske, Andy243215269235962
4.Beres, David266191234265956
5.Smith, Riley227247203264941
6.Pierson, Chris226224238241929
7.Buss, Jesse212214225267918
8.Taliaferro, Shaun231242221219913
9.Schalow, Jon212201237255905
10.Oliva, Tony224215232223894
11.Powers, Austin235214264179892
12.Gibbons, Chris234201279173887
13.Bloemer, Paul231222200234887
14.Pollentier, Chris201279206190876
15.Kjell, Todd192266233182873
16.Schroeder, Jim202237233201873

1.K. Duffield230
16.J. Schroeder224
9.J. Schalow214
8.S. Taliaferro180
5.R. Smith300
12.C. Gibbons203
13.P. Bloemer189
4.D. Beres254
3.A. Bunkoske253
14.C. Pollentier225
11.A. Powers190
6.C. Pierson246
7.J. Buss169
Oliva202 (48)
10.T. Oliva198
15.T. Kjell221
Schrubbe202 (40)
2.R. Schrubbe269

Schalow, Jon$452.00
Pierson, Chris$250.00
Oliva, Tony$160.00
Beres, David$160.00
Duffield, Ken$121.00
Smith, Riley$121.00
Schrubbe, Ray$121.00
Bunkoske, Andy$121.00
Pollentier, Chris$93.00
Schroeder, Jim$93.00
Kjell, Todd$93.00
Gibbons, Chris$93.00
Powers, Austin$93.00
Bloemer, Paul$93.00
Taliaferro, Shaun$93.00
Buss, Jesse$93.00

 Game 4Prize
Jesse Buss267$45.00
David Beres265$15.00

 Game 1Game 2Game 3Game 4Prize
Jesse Buss212214225267$90.00
David Beres266191234265$40.00
Chris Pierson226224238241$20.00
Mike Hoffman216176224238$10.00

Chris Pierson$175.00
Jesse Buss$110.00
Riley Smith$100.00
Jim Schroeder$65.00
Ray Schrubbe$25.00
Chris Jackson$20.00
Todd Kjell$20.00
Chris Gibbons$10.00

Final Standings

Schalow, Jon2122012372559052142402062569161821227.63273$452.00
Pierson, Chris2262242382419292462662562269941923240.38248$250.00
Oliva, Tony2242152322238941982022136131507215.29223$160.00
Beres, David2661912342659562542372046951651235.86223$160.00
Duffield, Ken26621325427310062302134431449241.50223$121.00
Smith, Riley2272472032649413002065061447241.17198$121.00
Schrubbe, Ray2661912562689812692024711452242.00198$121.00
Bunkoske, Andy2432152692359622531824351397232.83198$121.00
Pollentier, Chris2012792061908762252251101220.20173$93.00
Schroeder, Jim2022372332018732242241097219.40173$93.00
Kjell, Todd1922662331828732212211094218.80173$93.00
Gibbons, Chris2342012791738872032031090218.00173$93.00
Powers, Austin2352142641798921901901082216.40173$93.00
Bloemer, Paul2312222002348871891891076215.20173$93.00
Taliaferro, Shaun2312422212199131801801093218.60173$93.00
Buss, Jesse2122142252679181691691087217.40173$93.00
Stande, Wade193247201228869869217.25163
Heinzelman, Jay174246229214863863215.75153
Hoffman, Mike216176224238854854213.50143
Janz, Tim222198197236853853213.25133
Carlson, Dan167176236258837837209.25123
Banker, Rich150218211246825825206.25122
Prein, Jeff224206171223824824206.00121
Ramsden, Cody225222149220816816204.00120
Smith, Ted225174215202816816204.00120
Brinkman, Steven204222201168795795198.75118
Jackson, Chris138258228163787787196.75117
Devuyst, Doug176170266173785785196.25116
Johnson, John Jr.214194155221784784196.00115
Steiner, Jim204205214157780780195.00114
Kimpel, Herb202211169198780780195.00114
Sell, Bill182168212213775775193.75112
Thompson, Kevin205171184215775775193.75112
Buss, Shane191221172186770770192.50110
Ritchie, Brent190180201195766766191.50109
Cooper, Todd194221191156762762190.50108
Rusch, Pete225174169190758758189.50107
Erce, Rick167202207179755755188.75106
Smith, Jeff146192193216747747186.75105
Geitz, Dal219168211144742742185.50104
Green, Zack156186213187742742185.50104
Christian, Mike200180170186736736184.00102
Newkirk, Mark242158195136731731182.75101
Seppa, Dan204159168195726726181.50100
Fakes, Kirk201152170164687687171.7599
Kick, Joe167204132182685685171.2598
Fabian, Dustin153157154216680680170.0097
Randall, Reginald II149155149147600600150.0096