Jeff Prein 10-9-16

Jeff Prein

  • October 9, 2016
  • Dream Lanes
  • 81 Bowlers
  • Cut: +136

Jeff Prein defeated Mike Dole 248-216 to win the Survivor finals in the MAST event at Dream Lanes Sunday. The title was Prein’s third at Dream Lanes and eighth overall. Prein collected $827 for the victory, with Dole taking home $464 for second. Prein also received $120 from the Bet To Win pot.

Prein’s successful title defense was the second in as many events, following Kyle Anderson’s repeat win at Village Lanes last Sunday.

The other Survivor payouts were $288 for 3rd-4th, $212 for 5th-8th, and $136 for 9th-16th. MAST also paid out four additional cash spots: $91 for 17th, $86 for 18th, $81 for 19th, and $76 for 20th.

81 bowlers competed on the Dream Lanes Three-Man Tournament pattern. It took a four-game qualifying score of 936 to advance to the Survivor round play, and a score of 922 to claim the 20th and final cash spot. Andy Bunkoske led qualifying with 1018, and will receive an additional 25 bonus points in the M&J Truck and Auto Repair Points Race. Dole recovered from a 195 start with games of 279, 267, and 266 to qualify second at 1007. Despite the relatively high scoring pace, there were no honor counts on the day.

Tour co-sponsor Matt Maly and M&J Truck and Auto Repair added $500 to the tournament prize fund. Our other tour co-sponsor Schwoegler’s Pro Shop donated a Roto Grip Hectic bowling ball at cost, won by Jeff Smith. Host center Dream Lanes provided a lineage discount, and added four $10 gift cards, won by Smith, Bob Greenfield, Denise Schellin, and Tim Janz. Combined these resulted in an additional $816 for the tournament’s prize fund. MAST extends a huge Thank You to M&J, Schwoegler’s Pro Shop, and Dream Lanes for their generosity and support.

The challenge pattern for our next event at Prairie Lanes on Saturday, October 22nd will be the WTBA Paris pattern, which will be used by Prairie’s Storm Challenge junior bowling program during that time. We hope to see you all there.

1.Bunkoske, Andy2582792232581018
2.Dole, Mike1952792672661007
3.Wiley, Chris2682472352541004
4.Ritchie, Brent2532792572131002
5.Lemiesz, Dan279224279212994
6.Becher, Jason245236278213972
7.Halfmann, Rob279242209238968
8.Myers, Gail268221228247964
9.Kimpel, Herb214258227262961
10.Dudley, Don249255214243961
11.Gibbons, Chris213245279223960
12.Geitz, Dal227227268235957
13.Thomas, Jacob223258227237945
14.Prein, Jeff228244227246945
15.Erce, Rick237223247237944
16.Steiner, Jim232244233227936

 Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4
Prein, Jeff235259245248
Dole, Mike234215247216
Wiley, Chris224246225
Geitz, Dal248237202
Myers, Gail243214
Lemiesz, Dan225212
Steiner, Jim234178
Halfmann, Rob232WD
Dudley, Don219
Erce, Rick216
Ritchie, Brent214
Becher, Jason210
Bunkoske, Andy210
Kimpel, Herb210
Thomas, Jacob207
Gibbons, Chris206

** Junior bowler, funds to SMART account
Prein, Jeff$827.00
Dole, Mike$464.00
Wiley, Chris$288.00
Geitz, Dal$288.00
Myers, Gail$212.00
Lemiesz, Dan$212.00
Becher, Jason$212.00
Steiner, Jim$212.00
Halfmann, Rob$136.00
Dudley, Don$136.00
Erce, Rick$136.00
Ritchie, Brent$136.00
Bunkoske, Andy$136.00
Kimpel, Herb$136.00
Thomas, Jacob$136.00
Gibbons, Chris$136.00
Schroeder, Jim$91.00
Bloemer, Paul$86.00
Hodsdon, Jeromey **$81.00
Huenink, Scott$76.00

 Game 4Prize
Mike Dole266$50.00
Jay Heinzelman259$17.50
Tim Janz259$17.50

 Game 1Game 2Game 3Game 4Prize
Mike Dole195279267266$120.00
Jeff Prein228244227246$50.00
Don Dudley249255214243$30.00
Dal Geitz227227268235$20.00
Chris Gibbons213245279223$10.00

Mike Dole$400.00
Brent Ritchie$50.00
Jason Becher$50.00
Bob Greenfield$35.00
Dal Geitz$35.00
Jeff Prein$35.00
Ron Wallenkamp$25.00
Chris Gibbons$20.00
Jim Schroeder$20.00
John Johnson Jr.$10.00
Rich Zarnstorff$10.00
Todd Kjell$10.00

Final Standings

Prein, Jeff2282442272469452352592452489871932241.50281$827.00
Dole, Mike19527926726610072342152472169121919239.88256$464.00
Wiley, Chris26824723525410042242462256951699242.71231$288.00
Geitz, Dal2272272682359572482372026871644234.86231$288.00
Myers, Gail2682212282479642432144571421236.83206$212.00
Lemiesz, Dan2792242792129942252124371431238.50206$212.00
Steiner, Jim2322442332279362341784121348224.67206$212.00
Halfmann, Rob279242209238968232WD2321200240.00206$212.00
Dudley, Don2492552142439612192191180236.00181$136.00
Erce, Rick2372232472379442162161160232.00181$136.00
Ritchie, Brent25327925721310022142141216243.20181$136.00
Bunkoske, Andy25827922325810182102101228245.60206$136.00
Becher, Jason2452362782139722102101182236.40181$136.00
Kimpel, Herb2142582272629612102101171234.20181$136.00
Thomas, Jacob2232582272379452072071152230.40181$136.00
Gibbons, Chris2132452792239602062061166233.20181$136.00
Schroeder, Jim223257205246931931232.75171$91.00
Bloemer, Paul216268183257924924231.00161$86.00
Hodsdon, Jeromey220228207267922922230.50151$81.00
Huenink, Scott236229225232922922230.50141$76.00
Anderson, Kyle267215230208920920230.00131
Hall, James247234228211920920230.00130
Carlson, Dan245236216215912912228.00129
Brinkman, Steven259220259172910910227.50128
Ramsden, Cody234245203227909909227.25127
Hockmuth, Greg238166233269906906226.50126
Smith, Ted278200256170904904226.00125
Greenfield, Bob211214233245903903225.75124
Lidhart, Eric231198215257901901225.25123
Janz, Tim227223186259895895223.75122
Richgels, Jeff245203184256888888222.00121
Beres, David241224195228888888222.00121
Fenske, Todd188247204247886886221.50119
Johnson, Jeff174246238224882882220.50118
Hoffman, Mike231236182233882882220.50118
Dins, Shannon257205199220881881220.25116
Pollentier, Brittany234246227173880880220.00115
Schmidt, Bobby III201238227211877877219.25114
Kuehmichel, Chad236216191232875875218.75113
Johnson, John Jr.247175237210869869217.25112
Hall, George225218202224869869217.25112
Tanin, Nick238231224175868868217.00110
Buss, Shane194249183240866866216.50109
Banker, Rich205238235188866866216.50109
Randall, Reginald II212201245206864864216.00107
Zarnstorff, Rich199242217206864864216.00107
Pounders, Chris166253237207863863215.75105
Allen, Mark205210215231861861215.25104
Rusch, Pete214248153245860860215.00103
Johnson, Joe220236184211851851212.75102
Aumann, Harley171211278190850850212.50101
Shaw, Dave206246199199850850212.50101
Seppa, Dan174234237204849849212.25101
Buss, Ryan224167243212846846211.50101
Holmes, Theresa225212205202844844211.00101
Monheim, Mike165256177245843843210.75101
Wallenkamp, Ron171224215231841841210.25101
Fakes, Kirk199206254179838838209.50101
Zirbel, Cody209213192224838838209.50101
Heinzelman, Jay169202203259833833208.25101
Theis, Carter221215224172832832208.00101
Mooney, Brandon204212201214831831207.75101
Gannon, Matt203207224195829829207.25101
Kjell, Todd188205224204821821205.25101
Wells, Aaron210218179205812812203.00101
Dunn, T.J.198215206187806806201.50101
Trejo, Dustin216173233180802802200.50101
Erickson, Scott195203185212795795198.75101
Thompson, Kevin219175202198794794198.50101
Christian, Mike225184215169793793198.25101
Verdecchia, Danny172235179203789789197.25101
Chandler, Chris169171204244788788197.00101
Truehl, Rollie194203180202779779194.75101
Montgomery, Jim193192202191778778194.50101
Davidson, Zach166170194243773773193.25101
Thaden, Tony238170189174771771192.75101
Schwandt, Glenn209204198154765765191.25101
Taliaferro, Shaun198190143213744744186.00101
Newkirk, Mark202159190179730730182.50101
Green, Zack136157222187702702175.50101
Bisco, Rocco159161164156640640160.00101