Mike Dole 9-11-16

Mike Dole

  • September 11, 2016
  • Badger Bowl
  • 73 Bowlers
  • Cut: +59

Mike Dole defeated Tim Janz 264-203 to win the 2016-17 MAST season opener at Badger Bowl Sunday for his first career MAST title. Dole received $610 for the win, with Janz taking home $354 for second. Dole also won $45 from the Bet To Win pot.

The remaining match play payouts were $221 for 3rd-4th, $168 for 5th-8th, and $114 for 9th-16th. MAST also paid two additional cash spots, $69 for 17th (Jacob Thomas – 858) and $65 for 18th (Dan Carlson – 853).

Seventy-three bowlers competed on a USBC Blue oil pattern. The cut after four games of qualifying was 859. Dole led qualifying with 978, and followed that up with 998 total over four matches, for a combined 247.00 average en route to the win. Dole will receive an additional 25 bonus points in the M&J Points Race for his qualifying effort.

Despite the relatively high scoring pace, Janz accounted for the only honor count on the day, firing a perfect game in a 300-232 victory over defending champion Kyle J. Anderson in the opening round of match play.

Tour sponsor Schwoegler’s Pro Shop donated a Roto Grip No Rules bowling ball at cost, won by Bob Greenfield. Host center Badger Bowl added three $10 gift cards, won by Todd Cooper, Chris Pierson, and Dustin Trejo. Raffle proceeds added $132 to the tournament prize fund. MAST extends a huge Thank You to Schwoegler’s Pro Shop and Badger Bowl for their generosity and support.

MAST would like to remind participants that our next event is in three weeks, Sunday, October 2nd at Village Lanes. We are also happy to report that this season’s third event, Dream Lanes on Sunday, October 9th, will have $500 added prize money from tour co-sponsor Matt Maly and M&J Truck and Auto Repair. We hope to see you all at both events.

1.Dole, Mike266245202265978
2.Oliva, Tony256235224235950
3.Pierson, Chris219262194255930
4.Erce, Rick217233237235922
5.Geitz, Dal227257193244921
6.Ramsden, Cody217238213246914
7.Anderson, Kyle J.223218203265909
8.Fenske, Todd224237222218901
9.Hoffman, Mike205179279233896
10.Janz, Tim268213194214889
11.Beres, David180249252204885
12.Thompson, Kevin205247229196877
13.Greenfield, Bob222214195238869
14.Hockmuth, Greg222230193224869
15.Buss, Ryan246183240193862
16.Gibson, Sean234244198183859

1.Mike Dole254
16.Sean Gibson182
9.Mike Hoffman248
8.Todd Fenske234
5.Dal Geitz185
12.Kevin Thompson256
13.Bob Greenfield238
4.Rick Erce237
3.Chris Pierson225
14.Greg Hockmuth183
11.David Beres246
6.Cody Ramsden181
7.Kyle J. Anderson232
10.Tim Janz300
15.Ryan Buss184
2.Tony Oliva213

Dole, Mike$610.00
Janz, Tim$354.00
Thompson, Kevin$221.00
Beres, David$221.00
Pierson, Chris$168.00
Hoffman, Mike$168.00
Oliva, Tony$168.00
Greenfield, Bob$168.00
Erce, Rick$114.00
Anderson, Kyle J.$114.00
Fenske, Todd$114.00
Geitz, Dal$114.00
Ramsden, Cody$114.00
Hockmuth, Greg$114.00
Buss, Ryan$114.00
Gibson, Sean$114.00
Thomas, Jacob$69.00
Carlson, Dan$65.00

 Game 4Prize
Kyle J. Anderson265$37.50
Mike Dole265$37.50
Chris Pierson255$10.00
Mike Hoffman233$5.00

 Game 1Game 2Game 3Game 4Prize
Kyle J. Anderson223218203265$75.00
Mike Dole266245202265$75.00
Chris Pierson219262194255$30.00
Todd Fenske224237222218$20.00
Tim Janz268213194214$10.00

David Beres$265.00
Chris Pierson$205.00
Mike Dole$200.00
Kyle J. Anderson$125.00
Ryan Lakota$30.00
Todd Fenske$25.00
Kevin Thompson$20.00
Jeff Johnson$10.00
Jeff Prein$10.00
Rich Zarnstorff$10.00
Ryan Zagar$10.00

Final Standings

Dole, Mike2662452022659782542302502649981976247.00323$610.00
Janz, Tim2682131942148893002072162039261815226.88273$354.00
Thompson, Kevin2052472291968772562042477071584226.29248$221.00
Beres, David1802492522048852462251976681553221.86248$221.00
Pierson, Chris2192621942559302251754001330221.67223$168.00
Hoffman, Mike2051792792338962481834311327221.17223$168.00
Oliva, Tony2562352242359502131543671317219.50223$168.00
Greenfield, Bob2222141952388692381894271296216.00223$168.00
Erce, Rick2172332372359222372371159231.80198$114.00
Anderson, Kyle J.2232182032659092322321141228.20198$114.00
Fenske, Todd2242372222189012342341135227.00198$114.00
Geitz, Dal2272571932449211851851106221.20198$114.00
Ramsden, Cody2172382132469141811811095219.00198$114.00
Hockmuth, Greg2222301932248691831831052210.40198$114.00
Buss, Ryan2461832401938621841841046209.20198$114.00
Gibson, Sean2342441981838591821821041208.20198$114.00
Thomas, Jacob2471952042128580858214.50188$69.00
Carlson, Dan2221602252468530853213.25178$65.00
Prein, Jeff1982042531938480848212.00168
Pollentier, Chris2182272091928460846211.50158
Christian, Mike2352221812038410841210.25148
Pounders, Chris2121942252098400840210.00147
Bunkoske, Andy2461672222028370837209.25146
Seppa, Dan2122111872158250825206.25145
Zarnstorff, Rich1842152182038200820205.00144
Richgels, Jeff2442361541758090809202.25143
Theis, Carter2471712241608020802200.50142
Ritchie, Brent1822251812097970797199.25141
Duffield, Ken1981661992237860786196.50140
Devuyst, Doug1802261991797840784196.00139
Cooper, Todd1952411871617840784196.00139
Lakota, Ryan1892391841697810781195.25137
Blaese, Kyle2021881632287810781195.25137
Smith, Ted2152061901697800780195.00135
Schroeder, Jim1682221792097780778194.50134
Anderson, Kyle1391932122337770777194.25133
Munro, Joe1842641621677770777194.25133
Aumann, Harley1842361761817770777194.25133
Zagar, Ryan2022051871797730773193.25130
Fischer, John1831882181847730773193.25130
Janz, Joe2551701861617720772193.00128
Hoffman, Brian1812341571927640764191.00127
Johnson, Jeff1692131911917640764191.00127
Kappel, Austin1811831812167610761190.25125
Schwandt, Glenn1791482212117590759189.75124
Gibbons, Chris1852101711927580758189.50123
Malone, Mike1922081901667560756189.00122
Kimpel, Herb1441971972147520752188.00121
Schmidt, Bobby III1791931931857500750187.50120
Kjell, Todd1801671981967410741185.25119
Becher, Jason1861941601987380738184.50118
Goepfert, Dan2111971641667380738184.50118
Heinzelman, Jay1591921732097330733183.25118
Thaden, Tony1661591802267310731182.75118
Bloemer, Paul1891951811667310731182.75118
Newkirk, Mark1351572322067300730182.50118
Myers, Gail1901681691987250725181.25118
Dins, Shannon1921641612067230723180.75118
Thorson, Tim1771632141697230723180.75118
Truehl, Rollie1492101941697220722180.50118
Buss, Shane1512091671947210721180.25118
Petrey, Justin2031821431917190719179.75118
Green, Zack1472011652007130713178.25118
Taliaferro, Shaun1631512121837090709177.25118
Plouff, Nick1801891911477070707176.75118
Morris, Tim1921421931797060706176.50118
Lemiesz, Dan2141611801517060706176.50118
Trejo, Dustin1761781701706940694173.50118
Fakes, Kirk1701482161606940694173.50118
Andrus, Brad1511831741616690669167.25118
Banker, Rich1711761411706580658164.50118
Roedner, Cody2011701401466570657164.25118
Holmes, Theresa1371391751846350635158.75118