Joe Janz 3-19-16

Joe Janz

  • March 19, 2016
  • Ten Pin Alley
  • 52 Bowlers
  • Cut: +13

Joe Janz defeated Derek Eoff 225-189 to win the MAST event at Ten Pin Alley on Saturday. After qualifying 7th with 854, Janz averaged over 238 in his four matches en route to the victory, the 12th of his career and second this season.

Janz takes home $547 for the win, with Eoff receiving $302 for second. The other payouts were $193 for 3rd-4th, $146 for 5th-8th, and $113 for 9th-16th.

52 bowlers competed on the 2016 USBC Minors pattern. The cut to 16th after four games of qualifying was 813. Eoff led qualifying with 879 and received 25 bonus points in the M&J Truck and Auto Points Race. The challenging oil pattern yielded no honor counts on the day.

Badger Pro Shop added $200 to the tournament prize fund. Phoenix Pro Shop donated a Roto Grip Hy-Wire, won by Chris Pounders. Host center Ten Pin Alley provided a lineage discount and added four $10 gift cards won by Pounders, Amber Kwiecien, Kevin Punzel, and Ray Ozols. Combined this resulted in another $593 added to the prize fund. MAST extends a huge Thank You to our sponsors Badger Pro Shop, Phoenix Pro Shop and Ten Pin Alley for their generosity.

This was the final regular season event of the 2015-2016 MAST season. Mike Hoffman wins the M&J Truck and Auto Points Race with 1,866 points. Derek Eoff finishes as the top money winner at $2,516 on the strength of three titles and six overall cashes. Chris Gibbons wins the average title at 219.6977.

The MAST Year-End tournament will be held Saturday April 9th and Sunday April 10th at Leisure Lanes in Monroe.

  Game 1Game 2Game 3Game 4Total
1.Eoff, Derek207202234236879
2.Weiss, Justin198225232220875
3.Oliva, Tony257215190212874
4.Phillips, Andrew233231212190866
5.Myers, Gail226171223237857
6.Beres, David216170257213856
7.Janz, Joe195204221234854
8.Green, Zack200235203215853
9.Punzel, Kevin226197247167837
10.Labinski, Dave226187208211832
11.Monheim, Mike204201212214831
12.Damerow, Tim245186195203829
13.Bunkoske, Andy188219196217820
14.Kick, Joe231193224169817
15.DelFiacco, Pat227211186192816
16.Ramsden, Cody222173233185813

1.Derek Eoff239
Derek Eoff212
16.Cody Ramsden169
Derek Eoff255
9.Kevin Punzel208
Zack Green135
8.Zack Green217
Derek Eoff189
5.Gail Myers192
Gail Myers206
12.Tim Damerow167
Andy Bunkoske166
13.Andy Bunkoske247
Andy Bunkoske253
4.Aaron Phillips228
3.Tony Oliva215
Tony Oliva210
14.Joe Kick160
Tony Oliva189
11.Mike Monheim200
Dave Beres179
6.Dave Beres254
Joe Janz225
7.Joe Janz226
Joe Janz267
10.Dave Labinski180
Joe Janz237
15.Pat DelFiacco205
Pat DelFiacco194
2.Justin Weiss203

Janz, Joe$547.00
Eoff, Derek$302.00
Oliva, Tony$193.00
Bunkoske, Andy$193.00
Myers, Gail$146.00
DelFiacco, Pat$146.00
Beres, David$146.00
Green, Zack$146.00
Phillips, Andrew$113.00
Punzel, Kevin$113.00
Weiss, Justin$113.00
Monheim, Mike$113.00
Labinski, Dave$113.00
Ramsden, Cody$113.00
Damerow, Tim$113.00
Kick, Joe$113.00

Herb Kimpel221$40.00
Brent Ritchie219$15.00

 Game 1Game 2Game 3Game 4Prize
Derek Eoff207202234236$80.00
Dave Labinski226187208211$40.00
Chris Pierson180205216179$10.00

Derek Eoff$175.00
Gail Myers$50.00
Dave Beres$45.00
Chris Pierson$40.00
Herb Kimpel$10.00
Joe Kick$10.00
Kevin Thompson$10.00
Zack Green$10.00

Final Standings

Janz, Joe1952042212348542262672372259551809226.13277$547.00
Eoff, Derek2072022342368792392122551898951774221.75277$302.00
Oliva, Tony2572151902128742152101896141488212.57227$193.00
Bunkoske, Andy1882191962178202472531666661486212.29227$193.00
Myers, Gail2261712232378571922063981255209.17202$146.00
DelFiacco, Pat2272111861928162051943991215202.50202$146.00
Beres, David2161702572138562541794331289214.83202$146.00
Green, Zack2002352032158532171353521205200.83202$146.00
Phillips, Andrew2332312121908662282281094218.80177$113.00
Punzel, Kevin2261972471678372092091046209.20177$113.00
Weiss, Justin1982252322208752032031078215.60177$113.00
Monheim, Mike2042012122148312002001031206.20177$113.00
Labinski, Dave2261872082118321801801012202.40177$113.00
Ramsden, Cody222173233185813169169982196.40177$113.00
Damerow, Tim245186195203829167167996199.20177$113.00
Kick, Joe231193224169817160160977195.40177$113.00
Thompson, Kevin218212188193811811202.75167
Blanchar, Ron178268200155801801200.25157
Schroeder, Jim202188196206792792198.00147
Kimpel, Herb140247182221790790197.50137
Smith, Ted204222215148789789197.25127
Sharer, Sam248167184189788788197.00126
Geitz, Dal194192185211782782195.50125
Ozols, Ray195193212182782782195.50125
Pierson, Chris180205216179780780195.00123
Thaden, Tony192191174220777777194.25122
Wolfe, Jermey200209173191773773193.25121
Hoffman, Brian209179178189755755188.75120
Driver, Josh177193175209754754188.50119
Pollentier, Chris152168208224752752188.00118
Zarnstorff, Rich161175225190751751187.75117
Reetz, Nathan181167180221749749187.25116
Dake, Anthony191192171190744744186.00115
Jackson, Chris223192174151740740185.00114
Hoffman, Mike201167209159736736184.00113
Morris, Tim195159213163730730182.50112
Johnson, Joe205190170165730730182.50112
Johnson, Jared176201164189730730182.50112
Ritchie, Brent168162180219729729182.25109
Prein, Jeff180160195182717717179.25108
Mitchell, Shawn169177161203710710177.50107
Kwiecien, Amber147184190182703703175.75106
Newkirk, Mark172163175184694694173.50105
Trejo, Dustin195168181149693693173.25104
Johnson, Jeff173161161195690690172.50103
Taliaferro, Shaun123163190212688688172.00102
Pounders, Chris145164196175680680170.00101
Beach, Kristopher152135224168679679169.75100
Jirsa, Megan168152181153654654163.5099
Truehl, Rollie153166154176649649162.2598
Holmes, Theresa184130160142616616154.0097
Sharer, Adam123135165176599599149.7597