Mike Hoffman 2-13-16

Mike Hoffman

  • February 13, 2016
  • Viking Lanes
  • 60 Bowlers
  • Cut: +101

Mike Hoffman defeated Anthony Dake 215-150 to win the MAST event at Viking Lanes Saturday. Hoffman was fifth after four games of qualifying at 939, and followed that up with 982 over four games of match play en route to the win. The victory was Hoffman’s 17th career MAST title, and second at Viking Lanes.

Hoffman earned $574 for the win, with Dake receiving $317 for second. The other payouts were $203 for 3rd-4th, $153 for 5th-8th, and $119 for 9th-16th. Hoffman also won $90 in the MAST Bet To Win pot.

Sixty bowlers competed on Viking’s house shot. The cut to match play after four games of qualifying was 901. Brian Hoffman opened qualifying with games of 279 and 300 on the way to a tournament-leading 989, but fell to Tim Morris 221-216 in the first round of match play. Brian will receive an additional 25 bonus points for his qualifying round; his 300 game was the only honor count on the day.

Badger Pro Shop provided a Storm Phaze bowling ball at cost, won by Joe Johnson. Host center Viking Lanes provided an additional lineage discount, donated one entry into their 8-Pin Tap Team Tournament ($125 value, won by Dustin Trejo) and also added three $10 gift cards, won by Johnson, Joe Janz, and Chris Pierson. Tour sponsor M&J Truck and Auto Repair also added $200 to the tournament prize fund. Combined this resulted in $600 added to the tournament’s prize fund. MAST extends a big Thank You to Badger Pro Shop, M&J Truck and Auto Repair, and Viking Lanes for their generosity.

  Game 1Game 2Game 3Game 4Total
1.Hoffman, Brian279300215195989
2.Thill, Mike224246258246974
3.Schraufnagel, Dave220288256206970
4.Beres, David258224232232946
5.Hoffman, Mike235237199268939
6.Schroeder, Jim253195227255930
7.Newkirk, Mark200257269202928
8.Punzel, Kevin247201243236927
9.Geitz, Dal180209268257914
10.Green, Zach226213267204910
11.Dake, Anthony215268212214909
12.Thaden, Tony250238243178909
13.Janz, Joe265181249213908
14.Pollentier, Chris225206237236904
15.Driver, Josh232246265159902
16.Morris, Tim211208249233901

1B. Hoffman216
T. Morris222
16T. Morris221
T. Morris245
9D. Geitz215
D. Geitz170
8K. Punzel184
M. Hoffman215
5M. Hoffman235
M. Hoffman277
12T. Thaden206
M. Hoffman255
13J. Janz199
D. Beres231
4D. Beres200
3D. Schraufnagel223
D. Schraufnagel251
14C. Pollentier214
A. Dake247
11A. Dake236
A. Dake265
6J. Schroeder203
A. Dake150
7M. Newkirk215
M. Newkirk232
10Z. Green191
M. Newkirk237
15J. Driver181
M. Thill213
2M. Thill210

( Y ) Youth bowler, funds to SMART account
Hoffman, Mike$574.00
Dake, Anthony$317.00
Morris, Tim$203.00
Newkirk, Mark$203.00
Schraufnagel, Dave$153.00
Beres, Dave$153.00
Thill, Mike$153.00
Geitz, Dal$153.00
Hoffman, Brian$119.00
Pollentier, Chris$119.00
Thaden, Tony$119.00
Schroeder, Jim$119.00
Janz, Joe$119.00
Green, Zack$119.00
Punzel, Kevin$119.00
Driver, Josh ( Y )$119.00

Mike Hoffman268$50.00
Dal Geitz257$20.00
Mike Thill246$10.00

 Game 1Game 2Game 3Game 4Prize
Mike Thill224246258246$90.00
Dave Beres258224232232$50.00
Jeff Richgels233237216210$20.00
Brian Hoffman279300215195$10.00

Jeff Richgels$185.00
Dave Beres$125.00
Brent Ritchie$100.00
Mike Thill$100.00
Brian Hoffman$75.00
Shawn Taliaferro$50.00
Ron Wallenkamp$40.00
Chad Kuehmichel$20.00
Andy Mills$10.00
Chris Jackson$10.00
Herb Kimpel$10.00
Ken Duffield$10.00

Final Standings

Hoffman, Mike2352371992689392352772552159821921240.13260$574.00
Dake, Anthony2152682122149092362652471508981807225.88235$317.00
Morris, Tim2112082492339012212222456881589227.00210$203.00
Newkirk, Mark2002572692029282152322376841612230.29210$203.00
Schraufnagel, Dave2202882562069702232574801450241.67185$153.00
Beres, David2582242322329462002314311377229.50185$153.00
Thill, Mike2242462582469742102134231397232.83185$153.00
Geitz, Dal1802092682579142151703851299216.50185$153.00
Hoffman, Brian2793002151959892162161205241.00185$119.00
Pollentier, Chris2252062372369042142141118223.60160$119.00
Thaden, Tony2502382431789092062061115223.00160$119.00
Schroeder, Jim2531952272559302032031133226.60160$119.00
Janz, Joe2651812492139081991991107221.40160$119.00
Green, Zach2262132672049101911911101220.20160$119.00
Punzel, Kevin2472012432369271841841111222.20160$119.00
Driver, Josh2322462651599021811811083216.60160$119.00
Linde, Tony2042772042159000900225.00150
Ritchie, Brent1682472472368980898224.50140
Richgels, Jeff2332372162108960896224.00130
Pierson, Chris2562261802278890889222.25120
Weiss, Justin2142591952158830883220.75110
Vanderwerft, Brent2572032291938820882220.50109
Taliaferro, Shaun1682442102578790879219.75108
Montgomery, Jim2262261942308760876219.00107
Kimpel, Herb2082471942268750875218.75106
Schalow, Jon2542271991908700870217.50105
Bannach, Bryan2452022251988700870217.50105
Loret, Chris2022342142158650865216.25103
Horwath, Kasey1832261982568630863215.75102
Wallenkamp, Ron2052232571778620862215.50101
Schmidt, Mike2572352041658610861215.25100
Thompson, Kevin2761652132038570857214.2599
Kjell, Todd1772342232218550855213.7598
Reigel, Chris2542341582048500850212.5097
Tanin, Nick1702032302458480848212.0096
Erce, Rick1951912432128410841210.2595
Mills, Andy2352162281628410841210.2595
Duffield, Ken2382351931708360836209.0093
Munro, Joe2042142231928330833208.2592
Kuehmichel, Chad2172252131768310831207.7591
Krueger, Bradley2451761922078200820205.0090
Gitzel, Travis1992272051898200820205.0090
Prein, Jeff2001831992368180818204.5088
Bunkoske, Andy2022591791748140814203.5087
Kaul, Gary2071592462008120812203.0086
Mitchell, Shawn2391981921808090809202.2585
Smith, Ted1901852312028080808202.0084
Malone, Mike2052161772058030803200.7583
Jackson, Chris2482252011288020802200.5082
Snyder, Mark2222231631877950795198.7581
Fischer, Jacob1892112011877880788197.0080
Truehl, Rollie1902021911627450745186.2580
Hintz, Jim1841891791907420742185.5080
Parr, Jon2211292171727390739184.7580
Schwandt, Glenn1911572091827390739184.7580
Aaberg, Bill1701582121727120712178.0080
Seppa, Dan1822061311566750675168.7580
Trejo, Dustin1521811771576670667166.7580
Kappel, Austin1521451791616370637159.2580
Scalf, Michael225217214WD6560656218.6780