Kevin Thompson

Kevin Thompson

  • September 7, 2014
  • Badger Bowl
  • 65 Bowlers
  • Cut: +132

The first tournament of the 27th season of MAST was held at Badger Bowl. In a recorded final match, to be aired at a later date on Time Warner Cable, Kevin Thompson won his 5th MAST title! This title comes almost to the date, 10 years after his last title, which was won at Lake Ripley Lanes in September 2004. Thompson defeated Tony Oliva in the title match, 216 to 214. Thompson received $578 for the win and also bet on himself to earn another $50. Oliva took home $318 for second place.

The season opener drew 65 bowlers and was competed on a house shot. Eric Fritton led qualifying with a score of 1042. The cut to the top 16 and survivor finals was +132 over 4 games. There were three 11-in-a-rows that were bowled by Mike Hoffman, Dan Lemiesz, and Fritton.

Both Badger Bowl and Badger Pro Shop sponsored the tournament. Badger Bowl donated a portion of the lineage back to the prize fund and three $20 gift cards to the drawing. Badger Pro Shop gave a Roto Grip Sinister at reduced cost the drawing. The ball was won by Shawn Bechtolt and Kevin Punzel, Mike Dole, and Shawn Taliaferro won the gift cards.

A special thanks also goes out to Phil Brylow of EBC Productions & Essential Bowling Concepts for showcasing the MAST and its members. Their recording of the finals and semi-final rounds will be uploaded to YouTube and aired on Time Warner Cable at a date and time to be announced.

  Game 1Game 2Game 3Game 4Total
1.Fritton, Eric1952792992691042
2.Thill, Mike2472472802471021
3.Zarnstorff, Rich257246274216993
4.Oliva, Tony218234258279989
5.Dole, Mike279234237237987
6.Lemiesz, Dan225298268195986
7.Thaden, Tony256256235233980
8.Pounders, Chris236256216267975
9.Montgomery, Jim255234248226963
10.Schalow, Jonathan226225245267963
11.Erce, Rick264246214236960
12.Call, Brian232269210248959
13.Thomas, Jacob217231234269951
14.Plouff, Nick219225254247945
15.Thompson, Kevin262224240215941
16.Latsch, Drew222204248258932

 Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Total
Thompson, Kevin246248256216966
Oliva, Tony269235229214947
Dole, Mike235236227698
Thaden, Tony245278153676
Montgomery, Jim259222481
Lemiesz, Dan258206464
Thomas, Jacob257188445
Pounders, Chris267186453
Erce, Rick233233
Thill, Mike217217
Latsch, Drew215215
Plouff, Nick200200
Call, Brian193193
Fritton, Eric184184
Zarnstorff, Rich180180
Schalow, Jonathan158158

Thompson, Kevin$578.00
Oliva, Tony$318.00
Dole, Mike$210.00
Thaden, Tony$210.00
Montgomery, Jim$159.00
Pounders, Chris$159.00
Thomas, Jacob$159.00
Lemiesz, Dan$159.00
Thill, Mike$127.00
Fritton, Eric$127.00
Erce, Rick$127.00
Zarnstorff, Rich$127.00
Call, Brian$127.00
Latsch, Drew$127.00
Plouff, Nick$127.00
Schalow, Jonathan$127.00

Eric Fritton269$50.00
Chris Pounders267$25.00
Mike Thill247$7.50
Nick Plouff247$7.50

 Game 1Game 2Game 3Game 4Prize
Mike Thill247247280247$75.00
Nick Plouff219225254247$75.00
Mike Dole279234237237$30.00
Kevin Thompson262224240215$20.00
Dal Geitz207204226197$10.00

Eric Fritton$400.00
Dan Lemiesz$205.00
Chris Pounders$200.00
Mike Dole$105.00
Ray Schrubbe$50.00
Chad Kloss$25.00
Ryan Zagar$25.00
Todd Fenske$25.00
Dal Geitz$10.00
Herb Kimpel$10.00
Jeff Johnson$10.00
Kevin Thompson$10.00

Final Standings

Thompson, Kevin2622242402159412462482562169661907238.38265$578.00
Oliva, Tony2182342582799892692352292149471936242.00240$318.00
Dole, Mike2792342372379872352362276981685240.71215$210.00
Thaden, Tony2562562352339802452781536761656236.57215$210.00
Montgomery, Jim2552342482269632592224811444240.67190$159.00
Pounders, Chris2362562162679752671864531428238.00190$159.00
Thomas, Jacob2172312342699512571884451396232.67190$159.00
Lemiesz, Dan2252982681959862582064641450241.67190$159.00
Thill, Mike24724728024710212172171238247.60165$127.00
Fritton, Eric19527929926910421841841226245.20190$127.00
Erce, Rick2642462142369602332331193238.60165$127.00
Zarnstorff, Rich2572462742169931801801173234.60165$127.00
Call, Brian2322692102489591931931152230.40165$127.00
Latsch, Drew2222042482589322152151147229.40165$127.00
Plouff, Nick2192252542479452002001145229.00165$127.00
Schalow, Jonathan2262252452679631581581121224.20165$127.00
Fenske, Todd202216269238925925231.25155
Bowyer, Alex225245216236922922230.50145
Gibbons, Chris225193222277917917229.25135
Greenfield, Bob213247208242910910227.50125
Keith, Craig264182227235908908227.00115
Banker, Rich276198253180907907226.75114
Dins, Shannon226246180246898898224.50113
Prein, Jeff182278231206897897224.25112
Punzel, Kevin224195239235893893223.25111
Gannon, Matt214237204237892892223.00110
Steil, Mike234226191239890890222.50109
Kimpel, Herb246203213226888888222.00108
Myers, Gail253189204241887887221.75107
Kloss, Chad229237202216884884221.00106
Hoffman, Mike290199169213871871217.75105
Malone, Aaron230211245180866866216.50104
Glass, Andy233230237166866866216.50104
Newkirk, Mark176234258187855855213.75102
Goepfert, Dan224246197187854854213.50101
Sheehy, Tyler204190226234854854213.50101
Kuehmichel, Chad206259217170852852213.0099
Dudley, Don195200243213851851212.7598
Zagar, Ryan207210222212851851212.7598
Schrubbe, Ray201248234163846846211.5096
Swenson, Dan213223197211844844211.0095
Hockmuth, Greg217180213231841841210.2594
Anderson, Kyle163224235215837837209.2593
Rogers, Thomas216204202214836836209.0092
Hall, George235202194203834834208.5091
Geitz, Dal207204226197834834208.5091
Bechtolt, Shawn186212226195819819204.7589
Johnson, Jeff158191233233815815203.7588
Roedner, Cody181194225208808808202.0087
Seppa, Dan201159245193798798199.5085
Driver, Josh210246202138796796199.0085
Taliaferro, Shaun165152247224788788197.0086
Jastroch, Ryan202189180216787787196.7585
Mysliwiec, Matt235188167189779779194.7585
Bailey, Kevin217181217164779779194.7585
Sweeney, Jeff193167213203776776194.0085
Munro, Joe258187178139762762190.5085
Shekey, Alex200192200167759759189.7585
Green, Zach193172182211758758189.5085
Briden, Kim166208189183746746186.5085
Sammel, Lauren168246157174745745186.2585
Cabello, Rob206172142190710710177.5085
Poole, Troy199129178146652652163.0085
Powers, Austin158161152148619619154.7585