Joey Kick 4-6-14

  • April 5-6, 2014
  • Badger Bowl
  • 40 Bowlers
  • Cut: +214

Congratulations to Joey Kick for winning the MAST year end tournament! This is Kick’s 5th MAST title and his second year end title. Kick defeated Mike Hoffman in the final match, 259 to 238, to earn $1000. Hoffman received $800 as runner-up. Before meeting Hoffman in the title match, Kick defeated Chris Pounders 246 to 202 in the first step ladder match. He then went on to take out 2nd seated Rick Erce 217 to 211. Erce received $675 for 3rd place and Pounders received $550 for 4th (5th-$450, 6th-$420, 7th-$390, 8th-$360, 9th-$330, 10th-$300, 11th-$270, 12th-$240, Total payout = $6005).

The final tournament was contested on the USBC Blue shot. Forty bowlers competed and after 8 games of qualifying the cut to match play was 1814. Qualifying was led by Jonathan Schalow with an impressive score of 1949. Honor scores of the day were two 11 in a rows by Pounders (290) and Jeff Prein (278).

On the second day of the tournament, the top 12 qualifiers bowled 11 games of round robin match play followed by a 12th game position round. Hoffman finished first with a score of 4898 or +898 over the 20 games bowled. Erce finished second at +894. Kick made a jump from 6th place to 3rd (+837) place in the position round and Pounders (+828) edged out Gail Myers Jr. to take 4th place. Honor scores of the day were bowled by Erce who had a 300 the second game and Myers Jr. who bowled 807 (279, 259, 269) for games 4, 5, and 6.

Dal Geitz was the high points earner of the session which earned him $500. He was also high average, averaging 228 over 10 tournaments to win an eagle trophy (High point winners: Herb Kimpel-$275, Kevin Punzel-$150, Prein-$125, Brent Ritchie-$100, Hoffman-$80, Pounders-$70, Schalow-$60, Todd Kjell-$50, and Mark Newkirk-$40).

The MAST would like to say a BIG thank you to Badger Pro Shop for their support of the entire season. Along with all their ball donations, Jim Wipperfurth added $1000 directly to the prize fund of the year end tournament.

The MAST would also like to acknowledge and thank Jess Parizo of Street Rags for his donation of the trophies for each tournament, including the eagle trophies for the Year-end champion, runner up, and high average winner!

Thank you to Badger Bowl for hosting the year end tournament and adding 1/3 of the lineage back to the prize fund.

And finally, thanks to all the bowlers for a great 26th session! The MAST 2014-2015 schedule will be posted in August.

1.Schalow, Jonathan2432582692342182452222601949243.63
2.Erce, Rick2372062052292592792252481888236.00
3.Kick, Joe1911812212382252792592791873234.13
4.Prein, Jeff2242782471902102432402301862232.75
5.Hoffman, Mike2272252582542472452051971858232.25
6.Richgels, Jeff1922461942452762102142771854231.75
7.Pounders, Chris1612902222032242692462361851231.38
8.Becher, Jason2482102212372592232551951848231.00
9.Myers, Gail1902121782572262442682691844230.50
10.Truehl, Rollie2222432672352252392051901826228.25
11.Bannach, Bryan2252591812331942042882351819227.38
12.Thompson, Kevin2202042462322212322242351814226.75
13.Zarnstorff, Rich2232232352552212141972451813226.63
14.Kimpel, Herb2432162352452022032482171809226.13
15.Oliva, Tony1812472632562152272361821807225.88
16.Thomas, Rick2471821872342782142062581806225.75
17.Duffield, Ken2331922342781781932192361763220.38
18.Geitz, Dal2791712052462362032231991762220.25
19.Ritchie, Brent2652282322052221902331611736217.00
20.Johnson, Jeff2022392202241922092242031713214.13
21.Mansur, Mark2252031992781692022212051702212.75
22.Pekovitch, Walter2222662222051532471911851691211.38
23.Call, Brian2202191921932101901922691685210.63
24.Gibbons, Chris2182681891852351782251861684210.50
25.Angileri, Brian1682201992441722222022341661207.63
26.Punzel, Kevin2171772582052181932081841660207.50
27.Haug, Heath1961732501922152381921971653206.63
27.Turner, Andrew1892032052142461912191861653206.63
29.Schneider, Andy2432121912131701922361911648206.00
30.Newkirk, Mark2372292121692382062001431634204.25
31.Thaden, Tony2002322222192011961791811630203.75
32.Dins, Shannon1681911592141942242552111616202.00
33.Sell, Bill2092431752221591722052211606200.75
34.Mitchell, Shawn2231432102462121912151581598199.75
35.Nary, Richard2251871752032182201551471530191.25
36.Sweeney, Jeff2242082081421612081851831519189.88
37.Roedner, Cody2351251631591952272092051518189.75
39.Falk, Kevin2171712361581451981692001494186.75
40.Thomas, Greg2091941701861561951921881490186.25
38.Bloemer, Paul161167233204179944188.80
Kick, Joe18732754210296448377225349232.57
Hoffman, Mike18582860180304048982384956236.00
Erce, Rick18882826180300648942114925234.52
Pounders, Chris18512767210297748282024820229.52
Myers, Gail18442697240293747814541227.05
Becher, Jason18482676210288647344524226.20
Richgels, Jeff18542629210283946934483224.15
Bannach, Bryan18192658270292847474477223.85
Schalow, Jonathan1949249830252844774447222.35
Prein, Jeff1862247460253443964336216.80
Truehl, Rollie18262483180266344894309215.45
Thompson, Kevin18142425180260544194239211.95
Prize ListPrize
Kick, Joe$1,000.00
Hoffman, Mike$800.00
Erce, Rick$675.00
Pounders, Chris$550.00
Myers, Gail$450.00
Becher, Jason$390.00
Richgels, Jeff$360.00
Bannach, Bryan$420.00
Schalow, Jonathan$300.00
Prein, Jeff$240.00
Truehl, Rollie$330.00
Thompson, Kevin$270.00

Pot Game - Block 1SCOREPRIZE
Mike Hoffman254$30.00
Jeff Richgels245$10.00

Pot Game - Block 2SCOREPRIZE
Joey Kick279$25.00
Jeff Richgels277$10.00

Survivor - Block 11234PRIZE
Ken Duffield233192234278$80.00
Mike Hoffman227225258254$40.00
Kevin Thompson220204246232$10.00

Survivor - Block 11234PRIZE
Joey Kick225279259279$80.00
Kevin Thompson221232224235$40.00
Jeff Prein210243240230$10.00

Brackets - Block 1Prize
Tony Oliva$325.00
Jonathan Shalow$85.00
Mike Hoffman$40.00
Jeff Richgels$35.00
Brent Ritchie$30.00
Jason Becher$30.00
Jeff Johnson$30.00
Herb Kimpel$20.00
Chris Gibbons$10.00
Jeff Prein$10.00
Joey Kick$10.00
Kevin Thompson$10.00

Brackets - Block 2Prize
Joey Kick$200.00
Chris Pounders$70.00
Jonathan Schalow$50.00
Tony Oliva$50.00
Jeff Richgels$35.00
Kevin Thompson$35.00
Jeson Becher$30.00
Jeff Johnson$25.00
Brent Ritchie$10.00
Herb Kimpel$10.00
Jeff Prein$10.00