Bill Sell 12-22-13

  • December 22, 2013
  • Schwoegler E.C.
  • 31 Bowlers
  • Cut: +196

Congratulations to Bill Sell on winning his second MAST title! His first MAST title was also at Schwoegler’s Entertainment Center in 2008, which was the first MAST tournament he bowled. Interestingly, Sell used the same ball for both tournaments, a Roto Grip Cell Pearl. Sell defeated Jeff Johnson in the final match, 246 to 220. Sell received $385 for the win and Johnson received $228 for second place (3rd-4th -$153 and 5th-8th – $104).
Thirty-one bowlers braved the weather to compete on the USBC Blue pattern. Everyone who bowled will receive 25 bonus points for the challenge condition. Cut to the top eight and qualifying was +196 over 4 games. Brian Angileri was high qualifier, bowling a score of 1062. His games were 257, 300, 249, and 256 resulting in two honor scores, a 300 and 806. Angileri will receive 25 bonus points for his accomplishment.
The tournament was sponsored by Schwoegler’s E.C. and Badger Pro Shop. Schwoegler’s E.C. donated a portion of the lineage back to the prize fund and three $10 gift cards to the drawing. Badger Pro Shop donated a DV8 Dude at cost to the drawing. The ball was won by Andrew Punzel and the gift cards were won by Shawn Taliaferro, Andrew Punzel, and Todd Kjell.

 BOWLERGame 1Game 2Game 3Game 4Total
1.Angileri, Brian2573002492561062
2.Kick, Joe2532782472581036
3.Prein, Jeff2792242652661034
4.Geitz, Dal2082592592891015
5.Johnson, Jeff2792462592311015
6.Sell, Bill2552442562561011
7.Duffield, Ken254216247279996
8.Zarnstorff, Rich225268245258996
1.Brian Angileri226
Brian Angileri239
8.Rich Zarnstorff223
Jeff Johnson220
5.Jeff Johnson237
Jeff Johnson257
4.Dal Geitz203
3.Jeff Prein216
Bill Sell222
6.Bill Sell223
Bill Sell246
7.Ken Duffield195
Joey Kick216
2.Joey Kick217
Sell, Bill$385.00
Angileri, Brian$228.00
Johnson, Jeff$153.00
Kick, Joe$153.00
Prein, Jeff$104.00
Geitz, Dal$104.00
Duffield, Ken$104.00
Zarnstorff, Rich$104.00
Dal Geitz289$30.00
Jeff Prein266$10.00
BowlerGame 1Game 2Game 3Game 4Prize
Dal Geitz208259259289$60.00
Joey Kick253278247258$30.00
Kevin Thompson258257214237$10.00
Dal Geitz$100.00
Jeff Prein$50.00
Brent Ritchie$35.00
Jeff Johnson$30.00
Joey Kick$20.00
Kevin Thompson$10.00
Sell, Bill25524425625610112232222466911702243.14256$385.00
Angileri, Brian25730024925610622262134391501250.17231$228.00
Johnson, Jeff27924625923110152372572207141729247.00231$153.00
Kick, Joe25327824725810362172164331469244.83206$153.00
Prein, Jeff27922426526610342162161250250.00181$104.00
Geitz, Dal20825925928910152032031218243.60181$104.00
Duffield, Ken2542162472799961951951191238.20181$104.00
Zarnstorff, Rich2252682452589962232231219243.80181$104.00
Eoff, Derek224247236279986986246.50146
Thompson, Kevin258257214237966966241.50136
Dins, Shannon240246249227962962240.50126
Kjell, Todd289258165246958958239.50116
Kimpel, Herb233242222256953953238.25106
Erce, Rick224192268258942942235.50105
Sammel, Lauren200246236246928928232.00104
Call, Brian268225195235923923230.75103
Ritchie, Brent236246205235922922230.50102
Angileri, Scott247237177247908908227.00101
Gibbons, Chris238225247183893893223.25100
Thomas, Jacob279214217181891891222.7599
Punzel, Kevin226202209220857857214.2598
Peters, Mark213253212174852852213.0097
Turner, Andrew183209227210829829207.2596
Nary, Richard208222160234824824206.0095
Thaden, Tony189246147234816816204.0094
Wells, Craig217193214183807807201.7593
Roedner, Cody213165223189790790197.5092
Taliaferro, Shaun221178189177765765191.2591
Punzel, Andrew128203267166764764191.0090
Kuehmichel, Chad183176194180733733183.2589
Bloemer, Paul202212204WD618618206.0088