Chris Pounders 11-10-13

  • November 10, 2013
  • Dream Lanes
  • 49 Bowlers
  • Cut: +129

Congratulations to Chris Pounders on winning his 11th MAST title. Pounders defeated Rick Erce in the title match, 257 to 201. Pounders won $449 for first place and Erce received $247.
The tournament drew 49 bowlers who competed on a house condition. The cut for the top 16 and match play was 929. Dan Carlson lead qualifying with an impressive 1038 (games of 258, 277, 246, and 257) to earn 25 bonus points. One honor score was bowled, a 300, by Chris Gibbons in his first game.
Sponsors for the day were Dream Lanes and Badger Pro Shop. Dream Lanes reduced lineage cost which added $90 to the prize fund and gave three $10 gift cards to the drawing. Badger Pro Shop gave a Brunswick Mastermind at cost to the drawing. Dan Carlson won the ball and 2 of the gift cards. Tim Janz won the final gift card.

 BOWLERGame 1Game 2Game 3Game 4Total
1.Carlson, Danial2582772462571038
2.Oliva, Tony2772692362391021
3.Goepfert, Dan2422672582451012
4.Becher, Jason268245236248997
5.Prein, Jeff239278245233995
6.Thomas, Jacob233277225248983
7.Ritchie, Brent235267255224981
8.Kick, Joe247213241269970
9.Punzel, Kevin226287226214953
10.Swenson, Dan258220236239953
11.Glass, Andy244256246206952
12.Erce, Rick226235237247945
13.Call, Brian258217266202943
14.Pounders, Chris268196232246942
15.Pollentier, Chris245258217213933
16.Newkirk, Mark211234237247929
1.Dan Carlson168
Mark Newkirk201
16.Mark Newkirk205
Kevin Punzel168
9.Kevin Punzel225
Kevin Punzel205
8.Joey Kick216
Rick Erce201
5.Jeff Prein211
Rick Erce257
12.Rick Erce278
Rick Erce217
13.Brian Call237
Brian Call193
4.Jason Becher140
3.Dan Goepfert236
Chris Pounders278
14.Chris Pounders237
Chris Pounders253
11.Andy Glass268
Andy Glass244
6.Jacob Thomas194
Chris Pounders257
7.Brent Ritchie236
Brent Ritchie190
10.Dan Swenson229
Tony Oliva236
15.Chris Pollentier198
Tony Oliva258
2.Tony Oliva258
Pounders, Chris$449.00
Erce, Rick$247.00
Oliva, Tony$163.00
Punzel, Kevin$163.00
Glass, Andy$123.00
Ritchie, Brent$123.00
Call, Brian$123.00
Newkirk, Mark$123.00
Goepfert, Dan$98.00
Carlson, Danial$98.00
Prein, Jeff$98.00
Kick, Joe$98.00
Swenson, Dan$98.00
Thomas, Jacob$98.00
Becher, Jason$98.00
Pollentier, Chris$98.00
Joey Kick269$30.00
Rick Roeth256$10.00
BowlerGame 1Game 2Game 3Game 4Prize
Joey Kick247213241269$90.00
Jason Becher268245236248$40.00
Dan Swenson258220236239$20.00
Tony Oliva$92.50
Andy Glass$65.00
Paul Bloemer$60.00
Brent Ritchie$55.00
Jason Becher$50.00
Jeff Prein$50.00
Dan Swenson$42.50
Mike Dole$30.00
Andrew Turner$25.00
Joey Kick$25.00
Todd Kjell$20.00
Herb Kimpel$10.00
Pounders, Chris26819623224694223727825325710251967245.88249$449.00
Erce, Rick2262352372479452782572172019531898237.25224$247.00
Oliva, Tony27726923623910212582582367521773253.29199$163.00
Punzel, Kevin2262872262149532252051685981551221.57199$163.00
Glass, Andy2442562462069522682445121464244.00174$123.00
Ritchie, Brent2352672552249812361904261407234.50174$123.00
Call, Brian2582172662029432371934301373228.83174$123.00
Newkirk, Mark2112342372479292052014061335222.50174$123.00
Goepfert, Dan24226725824510122362361248249.60149$98.00
Carlson, Danial25827724625710381681681206241.20174$98.00
Prein, Jeff2392782452339952112111206241.20149$98.00
Kick, Joe2472132412699702162161186237.20149$98.00
Swenson, Dan2582202362399532292291182236.40149$98.00
Thomas, Jacob2332772252489831941941177235.40149$98.00
Becher, Jason2682452362489971401401137227.40149$98.00
Pollentier, Chris2452582172139331981981131226.20149$98.00
Gibbons, Chris300181206233920920139
Spigarelli, Tony247200226247920920139
Pollentier, Brittany226215202277920920139
Roeth, Rick248254162256920920139
Sell, Bill22624221423791991999
Zarnstorff, Rich22324223721591791798
Turner, Andrew20023026720089789797
Janz, Tim25822518822289389396
Kimpel, Herb22323321621788988995
Schalow, Jonathan21124821421688988995
Sammel, Lauren17022325823588688693
Latsch, Drew22623122220688588592
Thompson, Kevin22620020724988288291
Bloemer, Paul17123522724187487490
Dole, Mike20720924721187487490
Thaden, Tony23825818419387387388
Hoffman, Mike22820423720387287287
Morris, Tim24420019223587187186
Falk, Kevin20225915125786986985
Mansur, Mark21323423618586886884
Thomas, Rick24420422519586886884
Truehl, Rollie22622422117985085082
Gannon, Matt21622220818483083081
Kjell, Todd16823923418983083081
Nary, Richard20317319125281981979
Morris, Jacob23519421417281581578
Taliaferro, Shaun19219121720980980977
Bunkoske, Andy23620017919480980977
Thorson, Tim18023516820678978975
Habich, Trevor21316223617378478474
Olson, Brian22216418521378478474
Lyons, Scott21817020019478278272
VanDenLangenberg, Jerry15820418019273473471