Mike Hoffman 3-24-13

  • March 24, 2013
  • Leisure Lanes
  • 40 Bowlers
  • Cut: +138

Mike Hoffman wins his 5th MAST title this season and his 13th overall!  Hoffman beat out Gail Myers Jr. in the title match, 257 to 247.  Hoffman received $416 and another $165 for betting on himself to win.  Myers Jr. received $221 for second. Myers Jr. also bowled the only honor score for the day, a 299 in his 3rd game of qualifying.    

The tournament draw 40 bowlers, 7 being house bowlers!  The cut to the top 12 and match play was +138.  Hoffman was the high qualifier, bowling 993 over the 4 games.  He will receive 25 bonus points.  There was also a 3-way tie for the 11th and 12th positions.  Jeff Richgels, Chad Svendsen, and Todd Kjell participated in a 9&10th frame roll off to determine the 2 bowlers to advance.  Svendsen advanced first while Richgels and Kjell tied, resulting in a second  roll off.  Kjell ultimately advanced and Richgels received $55 (1/2 the payout for 12th place).

Leisure Lanes, Wisconsin Distributing, and Badger Pro Shop sponsored the tournament.  Wisconsin Distributing and Leisure Lanes added $166 directly to the prize fund.  Badger Pro Shop gave a Storm IQ Tour Pearl at cost to the drawing and three $10 gift cards were provided by Leisure Lanes.  The drawing raised another $144, resulting in a total of $310 being added to the prize fund.  Brent Ritchie won the ball, Jay Heinzelman won two gift cards, and the remaining card was won by Svendsen.

QualifyingGame 1Game 2Game 3Game 4Total
1.Hoffman, Mike289247255202993
2.Heinzelman, Jay239248279225991
3.Oliva, Tony228256279220983
4.Swenson, Dan245257279201982
5.Hoffman, Brian234223278247982
6.Goepfert, Dan200266259255980
7.Myers, Gail216224299225964
8.Prein, Jeff248227248235958
9.Kimpel, Herb183247255267952
10.Punzel, Kevin221231228268948
11.Svendsen, Chad265170279224938
12.Kjell, Todd*202280238218938
*Won roll-off
Richgels, Jeff246225231236938
1Mike Hoffman 
Mike Hoffman224
Mike Hoffman250
9Herb Kimpel180
Jeff Prein193
8Jeff Prein213
Mike Hoffman257
5Brian Hoffman223
Todd Kjell244
12Todd Kjell224
Todd Kjell193
Dan Swenson203
4Dan Swenson 
3Tony Oliva 
Tony Oliva234
Tony Oliva226
11Chad Svensen169
Dan Goepfert217
6Dan Goepfert224
Gail Myers247
7Gail Myers279
Gail Myers268
10Kevin Punzel193
Gail Myers229
Jay Heinzelman248
2Jay Heinzelman 
Prize ListPrize
Hoffman, Mike$416.00
Myers, Gail$221.00
Kjell, Todd$171.00
Oliva, Tony$171.00
Goepfert, Dan$133.00
Prein, Jeff$133.00
Heinzelman, Jay$133.00
Swenson, Dan$133.00
Hoffman, Brian$109.00
Punzel, Kevin$109.00
Kimpel, Herb$109.00
Svendsen, Chad$109.00
Richgels, Jeff$55.00
Pot GamesGamePrize
Kevin Punzel268$30.00
Herb Kimpel267$10.00
SurvivorGame 1Game 2Game 3Game 4Prize
Brian Hoffman234223278247$90.00
Jeff Prein248227248235$40.00
Gail Myers216224299225$15.00
Jay Heinzelman239248279225$15.00
Herb Kimpel$200.00
Brian Hoffman$85.00
Gail Myers$85.00
Justin Fryer$75.00
Tony Oliva$55.00
Dan Swenson$50.00
Jeff Richgels$50.00
Jason Becher$10.00
Jeff Prein$10.00
Ken Duffield$10.00
Hoffman, Mike2892472552029932242502577311724246.29265$416.00
Myers, Gail21622429922596427926822924710231987248.38215$221.00
Kjell, Todd2022802382189382242441936611599228.43190$171.00
Oliva, Tony2282562792209832342264601443240.50190$171.00
Goepfert, Dan2002662592559802242174411421236.83165$133.00
Prein, Jeff2482272482359582131934061364227.33165$133.00
Heinzelman, Jay2392482792259912492491240248.00165$133.00
Swenson, Dan2452572792019822032031185237.00165$133.00
Hoffman, Brian2342232782479822232231205241.00140$109.00
Punzel, Kevin2212312282689481931931141228.20140$109.00
Kimpel, Herb1832472552679521801801132226.40140$109.00
Svendsen, Chad2651702792249381691691107221.40140$109.00
Richgels, Jeff246225231236938938234.50130$55.00
Duffield, Ken215279219219932932233.00120
Pounders, Chris269234205221929929232.25110
Gibbons, Chris246212211257926926231.50100
Ritchie, Brent264213225223925925231.2590
Wolfe, Jeremy183249225243900900225.0089
Schalow, Jonathan234211185268898898224.5088
Seppa, Dan201225248223897897224.2587
Fryer, Justin200245224226895895223.7586
Gannon, Matt213209215258895895223.7586
Thomas, Rick203245215225888888222.0084
Kick, Joey238204211234887887221.7583
Thompson, Kevin211246239177873873218.2582
Myers, Mike196235235202868868217.0081
Bechtolt, Shawn152206254249861861215.2580
Wilde, Dylon221237227175860860215.0079
Moffitt, Stan151279214205849849212.2578
Blanchar, Ron247211201181840840210.0077
Schroeder, Nick232198206204840840210.0077
Becher, Jason176220218212826826206.5075
Bannach, Bryan225178215193811811202.7574
Erickson, Scott214211193191809809202.2573
Sammel, Lauren200194193196783783195.7572
Williams, Timothy190185175215765765191.2571
Liphart, Eric155168199205727727181.7570
Newkirk, Mark227144203152726726181.5069
Thaden, Tony169162179188698698174.5068
Montgomery, Carl156256200WD612612153.0067