Mike Hoffman

Mike Hoffman

  • October 28, 2012
  • Village Lanes
  • 64 Bowlers
  • Cut: +99

In an exciting final, Mike Hoffman beat Dal Geitz, 233 to 232, to win his 10th MAST title. Hoffman earned $576 for 1st place and Geitz won $317. Hoffman also bet on himself to win to earn another $90. This is Hoffman’s second win of the session, with a win earlier this month at Viking Lanes.

The tournament was contested on the USBC White pattern and drew 64 bowlers. The cut to match play was 899. There was a tie for 16th position which resulted in a 9th and 10th frame role off between Greg Thomas and Jermey Wolfe. Thomas edged out Wolfe by 1 pin to advance to match play while Wolfe received $63 for 17th place. Mike Dole led qualifying with games of 224, 279, 257, and 267 for 1027. Although he lost in the first round of match play to earn $126, he dominated brackets winning over $500. Dole will receive 25 bonus points for leading qualifying and everyone who bowled will receive 25 bonus points for the challenge condition.

Bryan Bannach bowled the only honor score of the tournament. A 300 in his first game of qualifying!
Village Lanes and Badger Pro Shop sponsored the tournament. Village Lanes gave in $122 from lineage to the prize fund and four $10 gift cards to the drawing. Badger Pro Shop donated a Global 900 Freight Train to the drawing. Jim Herfel won the ball and the gift cards were won by Mark Allen, Lauren Sammel, and two by Bryan Zimmer.

QualifyingGame 1Game 2Game 3Game 4Total
1.Dole, Mike2242792572671027
2.Geitz, Dal2672492582471021
3.Kloss, Chad2792542302571020
4.Thaden, Tony2452482462791018
5.Punzel, Kevin2592232682561006
6.Oliva, Tony2372272792591002
7.Morris, Tim253223256225957
8.Hoffman, Mike211242219279951
9.Bannach, Bryan300189256203948
10.Goepfert, Dan257207226247937
11.Eoff, Derek249279182215925
12.Thompson, Kevin254245198225922
13.Pounders, Chris258205247211921
14.Thorson, Tim193234289199915
15.Pounders, Mike234238183257912
16.Thomas, Greg*214266205214899
*Won roll-off 38-37
Wolfe, Jeremy206225259209899
1Mike Dole207
Greg Thomas198
16Greg Thomas244
Mike Hoffman224
9Bryan Bannach139
Mike Hoffman249
8Mike Hoffman192
Mike Hoffman233
5Kevin Punzel213
Kevin Punzel267
12Kevin Thompson189
Kevin Punzel201
13Chris Pounders195
Tony Thaden204
4Tony Thaden225
3Chad Kloss238
Chad Kloss228
14Tim Thorson199
Chad Kloss214
11Derek Eoff220
Tony Oliva181
6Tony Oliva263
Dal Geitz232
7Tim Morris178
Dan Goepfert237
10Dan Goepfert248
Dal Geitz279
15Mike Pounders214
Dal Geitz247
2Dal Geitz236
Prize ListPrize
Hoffman, Mike$576.00
Geitz, Dal$317.00
Kloss, Chad$209.00
Punzel, Kevin$209.00
Thaden, Tony$159.00
Oliva, Tony$159.00
Goepfert, Dan$159.00
Thomas, Greg$159.00
Dole, Mike$126.00
Eoff, Derek$126.00
Morris, Tim$126.00
Pounders, Mike$126.00
Pounders, Chris$126.00
Thorson, Tim$126.00
Thompson, Kevin$126.00
Bannach, Bryan$126.00
Wolfe, Jeremy$63.00
Pot GamesGamePrize
Mike Hoffman279$45.00
Mike Dole267$20.00
SurvivorGame 1Game 2Game 3Game 4Prize
Mike Hoffman211242219279$90.00
Mike Dole224279257267$50.00
Chad Kloss279254230257$20.00
Dal Geitz267249258247$10.00
Mike Dole$475.00
Chad Kloss$75.00
Eric Fritton$55.00
Brian Hoffman$40.00
Chris Gibbons$30.00
Bobby Schmidt$20.00
Dal Geitz$20.00
George Hall$10.00
Greg Thomas$10.00
Hoffman, Mike2112422192799511922492242338981849231.13264$576.00
Geitz, Dal26724925824710212362472792329942015251.88239$317.00
Kloss, Chad27925423025710202382282146801700242.86214$209.00
Punzel, Kevin25922326825610062132672016811687241.00214$209.00
Thaden, Tony24524824627910182252044291447241.17189$159.00
Oliva, Tony23722727925910022631814441446241.00189$159.00
Goepfert, Dan2572072262479372482374851422237.00189$159.00
Thomas, Greg2142662052148992441984421341223.50189$159.00
Dole, Mike22427925726710272072071234246.80189$126.00
Eoff, Derek2492791822159252202201145229.00164$126.00
Morris, Tim2532232562259571781781135227.00164$126.00
Pounders, Mike2342381832579122142141126225.20164$126.00
Pounders, Chris2582052472119211951951116223.20164$126.00
Thorson, Tim1932342891999151991991114222.80164$126.00
Thompson, Kevin2542451982259221891891111222.20164$126.00
Bannach, Bryan3001892562039481391391087217.40164$126.00
Wolfe, Jeremy206225259209899899224.75154$63.00
Hoffman, Brian177230241248896896224.00144
Kimpel, Herb244215226204889889222.25134
Becher, Jason225201207253886886221.50124
Schmidt, Bobby233257209187886886221.50124
Allen, Mark217221239209886886221.50124
Duffield, Ken245222189227883883220.75112
Robey, Tighe246202172263883883220.75112
Gibbons, Chris178246253205882882220.50110
Thomas, Rick224208244206882882220.50110
Habich, Trevor217255213190875875218.75108
Heinzelman, Jay217247175234873873218.25107
Kick, Joey202211258199870870217.50106
Stabenaw, Mike211233214208866866216.50105
Beres, Dave215181246216858858214.50104
Fritton, Eric181227233217858858214.50104
Myers, Gail268170176244858858214.50104
Sell, Bill227236201193857857214.25101
Fosdick, Jim203222192227844844211.00100
Hall, George198216225202841841210.2599
Seppa, Dan191226197226840840210.0098
Lyons, Scott204173214243834834208.5097
Ramsden, Cody179191215249834834208.5097
Schalow, Jonathan177245184221827827206.7595
Erce, Rick236192228170826826206.5094
Newkirk, Mark219225192181817817204.2593
Zimmer, Bryan203212237159811811202.7592
Swenson, Dan183184226215808808202.0091
Mitchell, Shawn178172238217805805201.2590
Williams, Gregg178209222196805805201.2590
Ritchie, Brent194236161212803803200.7588
Prein, Jeff219187200193799799199.7587
Whitcomb, Jon173201244180798798199.5086
Ceplina, Jacob213195208181797797199.2585
Blanchar, Ron229179192193793793198.2584
Schroeder, Nick168230173203774774193.5084
Hamilton, Rob187186177216766766191.5084
Bechtolt, Shawn182214182186764764191.0084
Barsness, Jeff195228154186763763190.7584
Schaefer, Troy190193208171762762190.5084
Jastroch, Ryan179239165165748748187.0084
Kraska, Chad161223202141727727181.7584
Sammel, Lauren156201164199720720180.0084
Murray, Robert192217126167702702175.5084
Smith, Tyler185162193150690690172.5084
Gannon, Matt167193170157687687171.7584
Kuehmichel, Chad142165163191661661165.2584
Aumann, Harley220153204WD577577192.3384