Mike Hoffman

Mike Hoffman

  • October 7, 2012
  • Viking Lanes
  • 48 Bowlers
  • Cut: +69

Mike Hoffman defeated defending champ Kevin Punzel to win the 2012 Viking Lanes MAST title!  Hoffman bowled 259 over Punzel’s 202 to earn $443 while Punzel received $244 for second place.  Hoffman also Bet to Win on himself which earned him another $80 for the win.

The tournament drew 48 bowlers to complete on Viking’s house condition.  The lanes were challenging which resulted in 869 or better to make it to match play.  Thanks to a new sponsor, New York Life Insurance Company via Herb Kimpel, the prize fund for a 49th bowler was paid for to allow for cutting to the top 16 rather than the top 12.  Kevin Thompson led qualifying with a 978 to earn 25 extra bonus points.

Sponsors for the tournament were Viking Lanes and Badger Pro Shop.  Viking lanes donated a portion of the lineage back to the prize fund, a ball and four $10 gift cards to the drawing, and offered up $100 to the first 300 of the day.  Unfortunately, a 300 was not bowled during the tournament.  The ball was won by Matt Gannon and the gift cards were won by Lauren Sammel, Dan Seppa, Chad Kuehmichel, and Dennis Farmer Jr.

QualifyingGame 1Game 2Game 3Game 4Total
1.Thompson, Kevin236269257216978
2.Thomas, Rick224256203268951
3.Gille, Todd258268200215941
4.Swenson, Dan228221234248931
5.Hoffman, Mike210235237246928
6.Newkirk, Mark182246279214921
7.Kjell, Todd202205287224918
8.Alivo, Joe180195264267906
9.Gibbons, Chris226205267205903
10.Snyder, Mark173235268223899
11.Reigel, Chris236238208213895
12.Geitz, Dal203279215191888
13.Richgels, Jeff235178238236887
14.Punzel, Kevin181194246259880
15.Becher, Jason226245202200873
16.Ritchie, Brent227193238211869
1Kevin Thompson245
Brent Ritchie231
16Brent Ritchie247
Brent Ritchie200
9Chris GIbbons215
Joe Alivo160
8Joe Alivo279
Mike Hoffman259
5Mike Hoffman237
Mike Hoffman224
12Dal Geitz171
Mike Hoffman258
13Jeff Richgels247
Jeff Richgels184
4Dan Swenson181
3Todd Gille215
Kevin Punzel245
14Kevin Punzel226
Kevin Punzel192
11Chris Reigel221
Mark Newkirk188
6Mark Newkirk258
Kevin Punzel202
7Todd Kjell244
Todd Kjell276
10Mark Snyder201
Todd Kjell162
15Jason Becher193
Rick Thomas255
2Rick Thomas257
Prize ListPrize
Hoffman, Mike$443.00
Punzel, Kevin$244.00
Ritchie, Brant$160.00
Kjell, Todd$160.00
Alivo, Joe$122.00
Thomas, Rick$122.00
Newkirk, Mark$122.00
Richgels, Jeff$122.00
Becher, Jason$97.00
Thompson, Kevin$97.00
Geitz, Dal$97.00
Gille, Todd$97.00
Snyder, Mark$97.00
Gibbons, Chris$97.00
Reigel, Chris$97.00
Swenson, Dan$97.00
Pot GamesGamePrize
Joe Alivo267$50.00
Scott Radtke248$20.00
SurvivorGame 1Game 2Game 3Game 4Prize
Rick Thomas224256203268$90.00
Dan Swenson228221234248$50.00
Mike Hoffman210235237246$20.00
Kevin Thompson236269257216$10.00
Kevin Thompson$140.00
Rick Thomas$100.00
Todd Kjell$70.00
Brian Hoffman$60.00
Todd Gille$45.00
Joe Alivo$35.00
Glenn Schwandt$30.00
Michael Chambers$25.00
Mike Hoffman$25.00
Casey Gibney$20.00
Jason Becher$10.00
Hoffman, Mike2102352372469282372242582599781906238.25248$443.00
Punzel, Kevin1811942462598802262451922028651745218.13223$244.00
Kjell, Todd2022052872249182442761626821600228.57198$160.00
Ritchie, Brent2271932382118692472312006781547221.00198$160.00
Thomas, Rick2242562032689512572555121463243.83173$122.00
Newkirk, Mark1822462792149212581884461367227.83173$122.00
Alivo, Joe1801952642679062791604391345224.17173$122.00
Richgels, Jeff2351782382368872471844311318219.67173$122.00
Thompson, Kevin2362692572169782452451223244.60173$97.00
Gille, Todd2582682002159412152151156231.20148$97.00
Gibbons, Chris2262052672059032152151118223.60148$97.00
Reigel, Chris2362382082138952212211116223.20148$97.00
Swenson, Dan2282212342489311811811112222.40148$97.00
Snyder, Mark1732352682238992012011100220.00148$97.00
Becher, Jason2262452022008731931931066213.20148$97.00
Geitz, Dal2032792151918881711711059211.80148$97.00
Stabenaw, Mike211215193243862862215.50138
Wolfe, Jeremy171256194236857857214.25128
Morris, Tim248205207193853853213.25118
Adams, Tim212232170239853853213.25108
Gannon, Matt204178279188849849212.2598
Pounders, Chris176279201191847847211.7597
James, Michael191256193204844844211.0096
Gibney, Casey194227232190843843210.7595
Seppa, Dan202200235206843843210.7594
Goetsch, Cory220196169256841841210.2593
Radtke, Scott237181175248841841210.2592
Hoffman, Brian189225192234840840210.0091
Thorson, Tim226167223217833833208.2590
Prein, Jeff182224225199830830207.5089
Farmer, Dennis225178235190828828207.0088
Schwandt, Glenn232187212189820820205.0087
Labinski, Shannon223200188206817817204.2586
Augustus, Edward172189194257812812203.0085
Chambers, Michael165204217223809809202.2584
Aaberg, Bill202203211192808808202.0083
Henderson, Torry213173178224788788197.0082
Christian, Mike202205227151785785196.2581
Sammel, Lauren165183234202784784196.0080
Erce, Rick175183223200781781195.2579
Schneider, Andy225159224173781781195.2578
Williams, Gregg183182237171773773193.2577
Kuehmichel, Chad233152190195770770192.5076
Kimpel, Herb227184146209766766191.5075
Shaw, Dave188203172192755755188.7574
Robey, Tighe212207172140731731182.7573
Kraska, Chad224167156166713713178.2572
Mitchell, Shawn139165190176670670167.5071