MAST held the qualifying round of its 2017-18 Year-End invitational tournament at Village Lanes in Monona Saturday. A full field of 40 bowlers competed on Kegel’s 41-foot Tower of Pisa oil pattern, with the top twelve qualifiers advancing to round-robin match play on Sunday.

The field averaged just under 197 in the opening game, with 12th place sitting at +14. Danny Verdecchia led at +63, followed by Andy Bunkoske (+48), Chris Pounders (+46), and Derek Eoff (+44).

The second game cut to 12th climbed to +42, with the field averaging just over 206. Verdecchia maintained his lead at +87, followed by Brent Ritchie (+82), Tim Janz (+74), and Eoff (+65).

The field posted its best average of the day in game three at over 210, with 12th place at +54. Tim Janz took the lead at +140, following by Ritchie (+128), Eoff (+102), and Mark Newkirk (+87).

The game four average dropped slightly to 208 as the cut to 12th climbed to +65. Tim Janz maintained his lead at +166, followed by Newkirk (+163), Ritchie (+142), and Nathan Michalowski (+133).

Coming out of the break after game four, the field’s game five average dropped to 197, but the cut to 12th climbed to +77. Newkirk took over the lead at +206, followed by Ritchie (+186), Tim Janz (+153), and Chris Hill (+148).

The cut after six games moved to +94 as the field averaged 203. Tim Janz re-claimed the lead at +251, followed by Ritchie (+193), Eoff (+163), and Newkirk (+159).

The field average dropped back to 198 for game seven as the cut leveled off at +97. Tim Janz maintained his lead at +250, followed by Ritchie (+231), Eoff (+198), and Hill (+158).

The cut to 12th held steady at +98 as the field averaged 201 in game eight. Eoff finished as the leading qualifier at +251. Other bowlers advancing to match play Sunday are Tim Janz (+215), Ritchie (+210), Chris Pollentier (+161), Hill (+157), Michalowski (+151), David Beres (+139), Tim Morris (+133), Joe Janz (+130), Newkirk (+126), Calvin Akers (+113), and Cody Ramsden (+98). MAST paid out two additional cash spots Saturday, going to Kevin Thompson for 13th (+83 – $120) and Pounders in 14th (+81 – $110). The match play segment begins Sunday at 11:00am.

MAST also recognized individual bowler achievements during the past season. Chris Gibbons received a plaque for his season-high average of 222.3906. Gibbons also received $500 for winning this year’s points title. The rest of the top ten points earners this season were Joe Janz ($350), Chris Pounders ($275), Todd Kjell ($235), Jay Heinzelman ($200), Dal Geitz ($170), Tim Janz ($145), Kevin Thompson ($125), Andy Bunkoske ($110), and Jeff Prein ($100). Congratulations to each of these bowlers for a great season.

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