Mike Hoffman won his 16th MAST title at Spartan Bowl, defeating Cody Ramsden in the title match, 257 to 232. Hoffman received $538 for the win and an additional $85 for betting on himself to win.

Ramsden went from qualifying 16th to the title match.   He tied with Shannon Dins for the 16th spot, which resulted in a 9th and 10th frame roll-off to determine who advanced. Ramsden edged out Dins to then win his next 3 matches and finish in second place. He received $296. Dins received $59, half the lowest prize fund, for 17th place.

Fifty-five bowlers competed on the Spartan Bowl house condition. Dan Marks bowled games of 257, 279, 267, and 215 to lead qualifying with 1018. This series included a three game honor score of 803! Marks will receive 25 bonus points for the accomplishment. The 16 bowlers, who qualified to match play, bowled a score of 925 or better over four games.

Spartan Bowl and Industrial Bowl of Spring Green sponsored the tournament. Spartan Bowl gave one third of the lineage cost to the prize fund and four $10 gift cards to the drawing. Industrial Bowl, owned by Jim Wipperfurth, donated a Radical Guru Mighty to the tournament. Together the sponsors added $500 to the prize fund! The ball was won by Todd Kjell, Dan Marks won two gift cards, and Kevin Punzel and Brent Ritchie won the remaining cards.

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