Congratulations to Jason Becher on winning his first MAST title!  In the final match, Becher defeated Larry Van Natta, 252 to 225, to take home $384.  Van Natta received $204.  This was one of two tournaments this season to use the Survivor format.  Van Natta and Becher qualified second and third, respectively, both receiving a bye for the first Survivor round.  They then went on to survive two more rounds […]

Congratulations to David Labinski and Troy Schaefer for winning the Sport Bowl doubles tournament!  They defeated Eric Pederson and Marc McDowell in the title match, 398 to 3381.  As a team, Labinski and Schaefer took home $1136 plus another $50 for betting on themselves to win.  This is a first MAST title for both. The second place team of McDowell and Pederson earned $604. Thirty-Eight teams competed on Sport Bowl’s […]